Attackers wounded by former judge in Dagestan are Chechen officers

Attackers wounded by former judge in Dagestan are Chechen officers

The former Magistrate Yunus Yasiev arranged a shooting near his home in the Dagestani town of Khasavyurt.

According to sources in law enforcement bodies, several armed men had come to Yasiev's place, where a conflict occurred.

As a result, three people were injured, one of whom is in intensive care. TASS reports that the gunman has surrendered to the police.

Meanwhile, the Yunus Yasiev's lawyer Sapiyat Magomedova told Chernovik that the attackers (according to her, there was two of them rather than three) wounded from return fire were serving police officers of the Chechen Republic.

"When they broke into the apartment, Yasiev was lying at home due to being sick, but, nevertheless, he turned out to be quicker and smarter than the attackers. Yasiev himself was shooting from a legitimate gun," the lawyer reported.

Yasiev links the incident to the debt conflict with Chairman of the Khasavyurt District Court Sultan Ibragimov, who owes a large sum of money to his relative.

Operational investigative group is currently working at the site.

Authorities try to establish the purpose, for which the armed men came to the former magistrate's house. Yasiev appealed to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the republic with a request to provide him with state protection.

It is worth noting that former Magistrate of branch No.128 of the Khasavyurt district Yunus Yasiev accused the Chairman of the Supreme Court of Dagestan Ruslan Mirzaev and the Chairman of the Khasavyurt District Court Sultan Ibragimov of corruption in September.

Yasiev sent to the Higher Qualification Commission of Judges the documents which listed the crimes committed by his colleagues in the Supreme Court and by one of the deputies of the State Duma in Dagestan. In particular, he stated that the post of magistrate, which he had previously held, was sold to the applicant of the Chechen Republic for 7 million rubles.



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