Atrocious murders that rendered Russia speechless in 2016 

Atrocious murders that rendered Russia speechless in 2016
Photo: The CrimeRussia

The Russian Federation ranks 3<sup>rd</sup> in the world in terms of murders per capita, according to its Prosecutor General’s Office’s web-site for legal statistics. 9 600 murders and attempted murders were registered in Russia in 2016. The CrimeRussia publishes a list of the most high-profile ones.

Murderous babysitter

The last day of winter marked a truly terrifying incident. Gyulchekhra Bobokulova, a Republic of Uzbekistan citizen working as a babysitter in Moscow, strangled the 4 y. o. girl she was looking after, decapitated her, and set the apartment where her family lived on fire.

Гюльчехра Бобокулова с головой ребенка в руках

Gyulchekhra Bobokulova

Then, Ms Bobokulova went to the Oktyabrskaya Moscow Metro station and swung the girl’s head for half an hour. She yelled she was a terrorist and threated blowing herself up. Police arrested the woman after a while.

Ms Bobokulova was accused of breaking the articles 105, part 2 (“Murder of a Minor”), 167, part 2 (“Willful Destruction or Damage of Property Committed through Hooligan Motives by Means of Fire”), and 207, part 1 (“Knowingly Making a False Communication about an Act of Terrorism”) of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.

Ms Bobokulova made a statement before her court hearing: she killed the girl on Allah’s order. Court ordered the Serbsky State Scientific Center for Social and Forensic Psychiatry to conduct a psychiatric examination of the woman in March. The woman had been registered in psychoneurologic dispensary back home, according to some sources.

The Khoroshovsky District, Moscow Court found Ms Bobokulova guilty on all accounts on November 24. She was sentenced to compulsory treatment; the woman was diagnosed with a mental disorder.

The FSB did not agree with the ruling and insisted it was a terrorist attack, according to the RBK Media Outlet. She might have been pushed to committing the crime by recruiters of some international extremist organizations, according to some FSB employees.

This crime revealed a lot of issues that trouble Russian society:

- Islamic terrorism. People associated the murderer’s bomb threats and “Allahu akbar” shouts with terrorists attacks in Russia, Europe, and the USA despite Ms Bobokulova being diagnosed with a mentally sickness;

- Illegal immigration. Ms Bobokulova did not have work permit;

- Poor police work. Sergey Goncharov, the President of the International Organization of the Alfa Special Force Unit Veterans, criticized police. He claimed Ms Bobokulova should have being neutralized much faster. Some also criticized the police officer who rushed the woman and covered her with his body;

- Poor control over people working with children;

- Censorship. All the central media outlets many other media outlets ignored this extraordinary incident.

Shootout at shooting range

3 people died and 2 were taken to hospital after a shootout at the Dynamo Fitness and Sports Society’s Sports Facility, Mirny village, Privolzhsky District, City of Kazan. Farid Shakirzyanov, the Deputy Head of a training base of the MIA of the Russian Federation, Rail Sadretdinov, a lieutenant colonel the MIA Domestic Service, and Sergey Ivanov, the Head of a shooting club and a retired MIA Major, are the ones who were shot dead. A Special Rapid Response Team soldiers shot Mr Ivanov dead when he resisted arrest. The 2 wounded are police officers.

Сергей Иванов, застреленный сотрудником ОМОН

Sergey Ivanov

Mr Ivanov rented a room in the Facility for his shooting club. He owned a gun shop, too. A new MIA reform that would make him go out of business pushed him to commit the crime, some say. At the same time, the entrepreneur might have perceived it as an attempt to take his business from him. This led to a conflict between him and Mr Shakirzyanov; he tried to prolongate his rental contract yet again that day. It is worth mentioning Mr Ivanov did his homework preparing for the crime: he wore a bulletproof vest, carried an AK rifle, 14 AK magazines, Makarov pistol, 8 Makarov magazines, and 16 fragmentation grenades.

Mr Ivanov was dismissed from the MIA in November 2015. However, the Major launched his business prior to that, according to the Novaya Gazeta Newspaper. He registered his son as the owner to avoid legal issues.

Mr Ivanov also served in the Chechen Republic in 2000s; he was shell-shocked there. His acquaintances said he changed a lot during his service; Mr Ivanov became very irritable, harsh, and confrontational.

The Office of Investigations of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Tatarstan opened a criminal case for breaking the article 105, part 2 (“Murder of Two or More Persons”) of the Code. Mr Ivanov’s son was arrested on suspicion of knowing that his father was going to commit the crime.

Escape from psychiatric hospital

2 nurses were murdered in the Psychiatric Hospital of the St Petersburg District Military Clinical Hospital №442 overnight into April 12. 63 y. o. Nadezhda Ivanova was found with 4 knife wounds in her chest next to the murder weapon in a toilet. 52 y. o. Olga Gorokhova was found strangled in a ward. 3 servicemen escaped the hospital that night: Aleksandr Tomsky, a 19 y. o. military volunteer from the MIA Domestic Forces; Stepan Datsenko, an 18 y. o. military volunteer from the A.F. Mozhaysky's Military-Space Academy; David Ziganshin, an 18 y. o. military volunteer from the Bolshaya Izhora village support platoon. The 3 men were arrested near the Town of Svetogorsk; they tried to flee to Finland from there.

Александр Томский, Давид Зиганшин и Степан Даценко

Aleksandr Tomsky, David Ziganshin and Stepan Datsenko

They committed the murders only to seize keys and escape the hospital. Otherwise, they would also be prosecuted for faking mental illness.

The Military Investigation Department of the Military Office of Investigation of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation in St Petersburg Garrison opened a criminal case for breaking the article 105, part 2 (“Murder Committed a Group of Persons by Previous Concert”) of the Code.

“City of Syzran’s Kushchyovskaya Cossack village”

An incident that happened overnight into April 24 was immediately compared to a Kushchyovskaya Cossack village tragedy, when a local Police Chief and almost all his family – his father, mother, wife, brother’s wife, and niece - were murdered. 7 y. o. Sofia, another niece of his, managed to survive; she was admitted to hospital in coma.

Андрей ГоштAndrey Gosht

Such a high-profile crime was attributed to Andrey Gosht’s professional activates. The murders might have been an act of retaliation from the criminal community, some said. Mr Gosht actively fought against illicit shops and various gangs when at the office.

The first 3 suspects - Republic of Azerbaijan citizens Roman Fataliev, Islam Babaev, and Orkhan Zokhbaev - were arrested on May 1. They pleaded guilty right away. They also claimed they only wanted to rob Mr Gosht’s parents’ house but ended up killing the people out of fear of being identified. Police arrested Makhmadali Akhmadov, the 4th suspect, in the Domodedovo Airport on April 4.

The crime was committed out of greed, according to the investigation. The criminals did not know whose house they were going to rob. They stole belongings (consumer electronics, mobile phone, 906 rubles in cash, bank cards, and Mr Goshta’s warrant card) for the overall amount of 200 000 rubles. Roman Fataliev, Islam Babaev, and Orkhan Zokhbaev pleaded guilty during the investigation; Makhmadali Akhmadov did not. He claimed he could not beat the victims to death since he did not beat sleeping people hard.

All the burglars were accused of breaking the articles 162, part 4 (“Robbery”), 30, part 3 (“Preparations for a Crime, and Attempted Crimes”), and 105, part 2, (“Murder”) of the Code. They will be prosecuted by a jury.

At the same time, Evgeny Gosht, the late Chief’s brother, said the accused did not have an ample motive. It might have been some other people who killed his family and then set up the defendants, according to the man. Especially since a video tape only shows some people in masks covering the camera with a glove. “(The murderers) knew who they were going to kill and did so to make a statement,” he claimed.

5 bodies in 15 seconds

This tragedy occurred near Chelokhovo village, Egorievsky District, Moscow Region on the morning of May 8. 27 y. o. Ilya Aseev shot 5 bikers dead.

Илья Асеев

Ilya Aseev 

The day before, bikers from the Dikie Serdtsa, a local bike club, built an improvised stage on an open site to celebrate the upcoming Victory Day and opening of summer bike season alfresco. Some of them put up tents there and stayed overnight. 2 women and Mr Aseev who have never had a motorcycle stayed there, too. The latter got into a quarrel with one of the bikers who celebrated his birthday that day. Others quickly broke up the quarrel. Mr Aseev took taxi to the Town of Yegoryevsk where he lived. However, soon the experienced hunted and security guard returned to the tent camp with a 12 gauge Vepr-12 semi-automatic shotgun with laser sight.

A survived woman said that she first saw a red laser dot on one of the bikers. A gunshot followed; the biker fell. Then Mr Aseev shot another biker. After that, he woke up the 3rd biker sleeping in a tent, asked whether he was ok and shot him once he answered. He shot 2 more bikers in the same manner. It took him no more than 15 seconds.

Only women survived the mass murder. The murderer spared them because of little children, according to one of the survivors. It is worth mentioning that he made one of them ride him back home.

Police arrested him at his home as soon as on the morning of May 8. He pleaded guilty.

A criminal case for breaking the articles 105, part 2 (“Murder of Two or more Persons”) of the Code were opened against Ilya Aseev. He is taken into custody now. He faces a life sentence, especially since there are no extenuating circumstances.

Khovanskoye Cemetery massacre

There was a genuine battle at the Khovanskoye Cemetery, Moscow on May 14. 200 to 500 people – mostly natives of North Caucasus and Soviet Central Asia - armed with baseball bats, metal rods, and fire arms decided to sort things out, according to different sources. 3 people died and about 30 got injured as the result. More than 100 participants were arrested, including Yuri Chabuev, a former Head of a local branch of the Ritual State Company №3, and Aleksandr Bocharnikov, the incorporator of the Zdorovaya Natsiya Public Organization. The 2 men were accused of breaking the articles 33, part 3 (“Complicity in a Crime”), 213, part 2 (“Hooliganism committed  by  a  group  of  persons  by  previous  concert,”), and 105, part 2 (“Murder of Two or more Persons”) of the Code. One of the suspects turned out to be Nikita Moshenko, a former Khamovniki Department of the MIA employee.

Задеражнные у Хованского кладбища

Detained near Khovanskoye Cemetery

The conflict was due to attempted modification to boundaries of spheres of interest of a ‘criminal business’, according to the City Office of Investigation of the Committee. Mr Chabuev allegedly tried to force Tajiks out of the Cemetery through the agency of professional wrestlers he knew (such wresters are usually of Chechen descent). Tajiks began conducting ‘business’ at the cemetery: they would illicitly clean the territory and graves and later moved on to making grave stones. Mr Chabuev claimed he knew about the upcoming conflict at the Cemetery and attempted mitigating it. It was nothing more than just a regular quarrel sparked by a family refusing to pay Tajiks for sub-par attendance of their family member’s grave, according to another version. The wrestlers also decided to take advantage of the situation and either impose a tribute on Tajiks or force them out of the profitable business bringing up to 4 million rubles a day, according to some reports. .

2 men armed with axes attack highway patrol

2 men armed with firearms and axes attacked a highway patrol station in the Shchelkovsky District, Moscow Region on the afternoon of August 17. One of the attackers took out his axe and hit a police officer on the head with it, attempting to seize his firearm. Officers shot him. However, the second attacker did manage to snatch the officer’s gun from him and wound another officer. The second attacker was shot dead by the 3rd officer. 2 police officers – Nikolay Drozd and Mikhail Balakin – were wounded as a result of the attack; Mr Balakin later died. Attackers – 18 y. o. Sulim Israilov and 21 y. o. Usman Murdalov - turned out to be of Chechen descent.

Нападавшие Усман Мурдалов и Сулим Исраилов

Usman Murdalov and Sulim Israilov

The ISIL – a terrorist organization banned in the Russian Federation (mentioning the ban is mandatory in Russia, translator’s note) – took responsibility for the attack. Web-sites affiliated with the ISIL published a video showing the attackers saying they were in Moscow and ready to execute orders of Abu Omar al-Baghdadi, the ISIL leader at the time, as pointed out by Reuters.

Mr Murdalov was going to move to Germany to his family. He received a travel passport but did not have travel permit, according to his family. Mr Israilov was expelled from teacher's vocational college for bad grades and had no occupation. He told his family he was going to go to the Caspian Sea and Town of Izberbash, Republic of Dagestan for a vacation prior to committing the crime.

However, the young men went to Moscow by bus instead, according to the investigation. They stayed in a Lyublino District hotel once in the city. Then, they went to Balashikha, Moscow Region by bus. The men bought 2 axes in a local shop and went to the station by minibus.

Shootout in Gipsy village

A shootout occurred in a City of Yekaterinburg Gipsy village on September 3; 2 people died. The shootout took place next to a house of Oleg Shishov, a former special operation unit soldier and an entrepreneur. About 20 people led by Gipsy Dmitry Pestrikov came to sort things out with him. Mr Shishov was in the company of Aleksandr Dutov, his stepson Aleksandr, and his brother Aleksey. The conversation escalated to a fight that escalated to a shootout in mere minutes; at least 12 people were wounded as a result, 9 of which were Mr Pestrikov’s men. 2 out of the 9 men – Kirill Shtripling, a former Airborne Forces soldier and a Sova Private Security Agency employee, and 18 y. o. Ilya Tashimov - died.

Олег Шишов (слева) и Александр Дутов-старший. В простыню завернут карабин

Oleg Shishov and Aleksandr Dutov

Shishov and Pestrikov got into a quarrel the day before the shootout at Aleksandr Dutov’s birthday party.

All the participants aside from the wounded fled the crime site after the massacre was over. The house owner fled, too. However, he and Aleksandr Dutov came to police voluntarily on September 5. They brought a Vepr semi-automatic shotgun they used in the shootout with them. The investigators released both after imposing travel restrictions on them.

Later police began arresting the 3 men’s adversaries. The Leninsky District Court arrested Dmitry Pestrikov, Ruslan and Petr Ogli, Yanik Knyazev, and Sergey Goncharov, following a request of the investigation. They are accused of breaking the article 212, parts 1 and 2 (Organisation of Mass Riots Attended by Violence and Participation in Mass Riots) of the Code. 21 people participated in the shootout, according to the Office of Investigations of the Committee in the Sverdlovsk Region. Police is working on identifying the rest of the perpetrators.

City of Pskov teenagers

Police is still investigating death of 15 y. o. school students who assaulted police officers with deadly weapons. They committed suicide afterwards, according to official reports. May we remind you that Denis Muraviov and Ekaterina Vlasova, 15 y. o. Pskov teenagers, ran away from home when the girl’s mother caught them spending time together and the boy shot her to the leg from a traumatic weapon, according to the investigation. The 2 barricades themselves in a private house in the Strugi Krasnye village located 80 km away from the City. The girl’s stepfather, a police officer, is the house owner. The teenagers broke the stepfather’s weapons safe and opened fire at a police car on November 14, according to the investigation.

Денис Муравьев и Екатерина Власова

Denis Muraviov and Ekaterina Vlasova

The teenagers streamed their actions via Periscope and published pictures and videos on Denis’s Instagram. The teenagers said they turned in all the weapons including knifes and were thinking whether they should surrender or not in there last video.

Statements claiming that both teenagers died of gunshots were released once the Federal National Guard Troops Service of the Russian Federation soldiers charged the house. Denis killed his friend and then shot himself once Special Rapid Response Team soldiers of the Service encircled the house, according to the investigation. Soldiers did not shoot at the children, according to the Department of the Committee in the Region. The Region public prosecutor’s office earlier found the team actions to be legal based on a ballistics examination.

Initially, the Committee opened a case on the allegation of an attempted murder of a police officer, improper storage of hunting firearms, and misconduct. Later it added violation of the article 105 (“Murder”) of the Code to the list.

Attack on police officer and his wife in Samara Region

Dmitry Vashurkin, the Head of the Department of the MIA in the Town of Otradny, and his wife were attacked at the door of their house in the Smishlyaevka village, Volzhsky District, Samara Region on the night from December 10 into December 11. The wife died of severe wounds, including a head chop wound, as a result; the police officer fell unconscious. He called in an ambulance once he regained consciousness. 3 gold chains and a wallet with bank cards and a small amount of money were stolen from the house.

Дмитрий Вашуркин

Dmitry Vashurkin

5 suspects were arrested in the City of Samara and Samara Region several days later. It turned out that they tracked the Vashurkins from a shop and later robbed their house.

The people who committed the crime – Daniil Eltishev, Ernst Yanutsenko, and Vitaly Yarankin - were accused of “murder and attempted murder of 2 and more persons committed by a group of persons in order to hide another crime” and “banditry”. Andrey Permyakov, their driver who drove them to the crime site, was accused of breaking the article 162, part 2 (“Robbery committed by a group of persons by  previous concert, as well as with the use  of weapons or objects used as weapons”) of the Code. Kristina Chistyakova, another suspect who did not participate in the attack and burglary, was accused of “helping her accessories conceal the stolen property bearing signs of the crime”. She was accused of breaking the article 316 (“Concealment of Crimes”) of the Code.



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