Astrakhan: men who allegedly killed policemen now detained  

Astrakhan: men who allegedly killed policemen now detained
The police officers were attacked and died leaving families and kids

Four out of eight suspects in the shooting of the Road Patrol Service have been detained.

A group of radical Islamists has been detained on suspicion of killing two traffic inspectors in Astrakhan’s Leninsky district.

According to Interfax, four people have been detained. They are currently being questioned. Earlier it was reported that eight men who allegedly attacked the police officers were being searched for.

The GAZelle car with Dagestan number plates that the suspects used to get away was discovered during a search around ​​the village of Veselyaya Griva, 50 kilometers away from the site of the attack.


Police find the car the suspects drove

We should remind that the attack on the inspectors occurred late on April 3. The policemen were filling in an accident report in respect of one of the suspects, when the perpetrators shot them inside the patrol car, grabbed the weapon and disappeared.

Senior Lieutenant Vladimir Dyakonov had been 35 years old and Lieutenant Dmitry Shkolnikov had been 36 when they died. Both had children. Major General Oleg Agarkov, the Astrakhan Chief of Ministry of Internal Affairs, expressed his sincere condolences to the families of the victims on behalf of the management and the department staff.

Sirena Plan was launched after the murder in the regional MIA subdivisions. The local department of Investigative Committee of Russia posted photos and names of the wanted men.


Local ICR department posted photos and names of the wanted men

Among them is Nurbol Saspanov of the Astrakhan region, Krasnoyarsk district, born in the settlement of Stepnoi in 1990; Zakir Tazhikov born in 1992 in the same place; Alibek Gizatov of Astrakhan, born in 1990, Namik Agarzaev born in 1996, Ramzan Kukulaev born in 1996, Kadyrbai Maimashev born in 1979, Ilyas Magomedov born in 1990, all from the Astrakhan region, and a native of Kazakhstan Ahmed Magomedov born in 1986.

One of them, Nurbol Saspanov, was released from prison in 2016. After the release, he worked as a taxi driver on route № 30.

The law enforcers are yet to report who of the wanted men have been detained.



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