Astrakhan: Members of OCG supplying sex slaves to Turkey and UAE convicted

Astrakhan: Members of OCG supplying sex slaves to Turkey and UAE convicted

In the Astrakhan region, law enforcers have disrupted the operation of an organized crime group, which had been selling girls to sexual slavery abroad.

The court has handed down guilty verdicts to two local women and a native of Dagestan, who had organized the trafficking of young girls to Turkey and the United Arab Emirates for sex industry. The women have been sentenced to prison terms of 8 to 12 years.

During the investigation and the subsequent trial, it was found that the gang was led by Dagestani Raziyat Magomedova. In addition to her, members of the organized crime group included Natalya Maleeva, Natalya Krasnova, and Kalimat Magomedova.

In October 2013, Maleeva and Krasnova sold a girl for $5 thousand to Raziyat Magomedova. She sent her to the United Arab Emirates for prostitution. Later, Maleeva sent another girl to ‘work’ in Turkey.

The pimps wanted to make a cottage industry out of their business and tried to sell two more girls to the Arab Emirates, however, the latter reported on their activities to the police. After that, the law enforcement officers monitored all the actions of the gang members.

After the women made another attempt to sell the girls to sexual slavery, they were detained red-handed.

The Leninsky District Court of Astrakhan has convicted all the participants of the group, having found them guilty of human trafficking as part of an organized crime group, as well as of an attempt at human trafficking.

Maleeva and Krasnova were sentenced to 12 years in a general-regime colony, while Magomedova received 8 years. As for OCG leader Raziyat Magomedova, she had been convicted back in May 2014. The court sentenced her to 8.5 years' imprisonment. Her criminal case was heard in a special manner, as she had copped a deal with the investigation. The woman admitted that she wanted to make a fortune.




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