Assistant to Kadyrov’s permanent representative to Crimea to be charged with kidnapping

Assistant to Kadyrov’s permanent representative to Crimea to be charged with kidnapping
Detention of Murad Saidov and his accomplices

The investigation has learned that Murad Saidov would demand a million rubles ($15,275) a month from an entrepreneur held by force.

Assistant to Representative of the Chechen Republic Head in the Crimea Isa Khachukaev, Murad Saidov may be charged with kidnapping.

As reported by Govorit Moskva referring to an informed source, the investigation has learned that the entrepreneur, for whose abduction Saidov was detained, had been held by force; a fee for the ability to conduct business was demanded from him.

According to the radio station’s source, a native of Chechnya Ibragim Aliev, who is the owner of QIWI Wallet replenishing machines, was locked in a sauna, after which Saidov allegedly demanded that he pay 1 million rubles a month to do business.

According to the victim as cited by the source, he had previously paid Saidov 100 thousand rubles a month.

Murad Saidov and about 10 more people were detained in the Vstrecha restaurant in Saki on February 10. It was reported that they had beaten a Chechen-born entrepreneur Ibragim Aliev for refusing to transfer Saidov a stake in the business. Now the victim with a broken jaw and nose is in hospital in serious condition.

According to media, during searches at Saidov’s, the police found military weapons and stun grenades. Otkrytie Media reported that he might have been involved in a Chechen OCG that operated in Ukraine. However, commenting on Saidov’s detention, Head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov refuted information about the possession of weapons by Saidov, saying that siloviki seized the traumatic ones. At the same time, the detainee had all permits. Nonetheless, Kadyrov demanded a principled and objective assessment of what happened. At the moment, State Duma deputy Adam Delimkhanov and Permanent Representative to the Crimea Isa Khachukaev are looking into this incident upon instructions from Kadyrov.

Deputy Delimkhanov has already voiced his initial opinion about what happened. According to him, the conflict was “purely domestic in nature,” and its participants “have already expressed the will to reconciliation.”



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