Assistant to Achinsk Mayor resorts live fire doing Stallone 

Assistant to Achinsk Mayor resorts live fire doing Stallone

The video recording Sergey Ganzgorn's shooting hit social networks.

The video with assistant to the Achinsk Mayor who also heads the Public Council for Housing and Communal Services Sergey Ganzgorn outraged the users; he fired at the car parked in the garage.

As the users note, the official, doing Stallone, runs around Zhiguli, and shoots from real weapons. However, the windshield stands the racket.

It is established that Zhiguli under fire belongs to the resident of Turukhansk, but the resident of Achinsk drives it, as the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate states, it has drawn up a lot of protocols over administrative violations.

As the local portal Krasnews writes, Sergey Ganzgorn found himself at the center of the scandal at the beginning of his career. After appointment to the Achinsk City Hall, it became known that the official had a fake diploma and did not study at universities. So, he left the Achinsk administration.

Despite this, he became an inspector to monitor the execution of assignments of the general department of the Achinsk City Council of Deputies. According to some sources, his duties cover collecting sponsorship for United Russia party campaign.



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