Assassins’ gang case passed from Tyumen FSB to Moscow

Assassins’ gang case passed from Tyumen FSB to Moscow

The investigation will be conducted by the Main Military Investigation Department of the Investigation Committee of Russia (ICR).

The criminal case of a gang of assassins was passed from the FSB Directorate in the Tyumen region to the central office of the ICR for further investigation. Such an order was issued by the Deputy Chairman of the ICR - the Head of the Main Military Investigation Department, Alexander Sorochkin, Kommersant reported. The defendants of the case were also brought to the capital: former employee of the Operational Activities Support Department (OSOM) of the FSB for the Tyumen Region Alexey Korotkov and the sambo coach of the operational staff Alexander Kobylin, who previously worked in the OSOM. Another accused, sniper Sergey Gilev, was found dead in May with a cut throat and opened veins in a cell of detention center No. 2 in Zavodoukovsk, the Tyumen region. Gilev, according to the investigation, was the leader of the group and could have more information on the case. Another person involved in the case, a police officer, is still wanted.

Currently, the group's case features over ten episodes of murders committed from 2008 to 2016. The victims of the siloviki were mostly local entrepreneurs. According to the investigation, the Chekists tried to establish control over businessmen who illegally cashed funds or siphoned them off abroad. Those who resisted them were killed.

In addition, the gang is suspected of a series of murders of taxi drivers. Their cars were then used for attacks. Moreover, according to the data of the investigation, the siloviki could also be complicit in several bespoke murders. One of the gang members had a notebook, seized after the detention, with the names of potential victims, among whom were representatives of the authorities.

Operatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) in the Tyumen region succeeded in closing in on the assassins when investigating the murders of taxi drivers. The involvement of the FSB Directorate officers in them incited a scandal: a special commission of the central office of the FSB of the Russian Federation was sent to Tyumen, at the request of which practically the whole management of the Directorate was dismissed, as well as all the personnel of the OSOM who were checked for participation in the gang. As a result, Major-General Vadim Pyatiletov, who headed the department for six years, was canned. His post was taken by the Deputy Chief of the FSB Directorate for Primorsky Krai, Igor Kochnev. In early July, it also became known about the dismissal of the Chief of Internal Security Service, the Head of the Personnel Department of the Internal Security Directorate and the commander of the battalion, in which the defendants served.

After the accused were convoyed to Moscow, the 235th garrison military court, at the request of the ICR Main Military Investigation Department, prolonged their arrest. The measure of restraint was appealed only by Alexander Kobylin, who stated that he had pleaded guilty and that after his arrest a confession of guilt had been drawn up. However, Kobylin was denied a pre-trial cooperation agreement, since, according to the investigation, he did not provide new information on the investigation, unlike one of the gang leaders, Alexei Korotkov. Kobylin may face from 20 years’ term to life imprisonment. The trial noted that, founding himself at large, he might abscond or obstruct the investigation with the help of "friends in law enforcement agencies."

After the preliminary investigation, the case will be submitted to the Ural District Military Court for consideration on the merits.



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