Assassination attempt on Kadyrov: Yamadaev arrested in absentia

Assassination attempt on Kadyrov: Yamadaev arrested in absentia
Isa Yamadaev

The soldier has been declared internationally wanted.

The Staropromyslovsky Court of Grozny has in absentia arrested Isa Yamadaev, accused of organizing assassination attempt on Head of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov. According to Rosbalt citing its source, the military man has been charged under articles 30 and 105 of the Russian Criminal Code also in absentia. In addition, Yamadaev was declared internationally wanted on April 12. The news portal stresses that Yamadaev's lawyers have not been notified of these investigative actions – they had been conducted in their absence.

The defense, in its turn, continues to insist on the wrongfulness of the investigation's actions, arguing that according to the Russian legislation, the case should be conducted not by civil but by military investigation.

Information about the attempt on Kadyrov came to light in October 2016. According to media, a buried explosive device was found outside the Republic President's residence in the Benoy village. Moreover, it was reported that apart from Benoy, attacks on the residences of the Chechnya head were simultaneously prepared in several large towns (including Grozny). At the same time, Kadyrov himself called the information on the conspiracy and preparation of an attempt against him a nonsense. However, in January 2017, a criminal case was initiated into the assassination attempt on Ramzan Kadyrov.

Isa Yamadaev is the fifth brother of the Yamadaevs – representatives of the Benoy teip. Relations between the two clans deteriorated in 2008, when Kadyrov's relative committed an accident, as a result of which two soldiers of the Vostok battalion (under the command of Suleyman Yamadaev) died; and then, there was a disagreement on the road between the motorcades of Suleyman Yamadaev and Ramzan Kadyrov. Following the incident, the military base of the Vostok was blocked by special services directly subordinate to Kadyrov. Later, Suleyman Yamadaev was removed from command of the battalion.⁠



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