Assad’s family buys 19 apartments in Moscow City

Assad’s family buys 19 apartments in Moscow City

Most of the are located in City of Capitals complex.

Over the years, relatives of the President of Syria Bashar al-Assad bought at least 19 apartments in apartment complexes in the territory of Moskva-City (The Moscow International Business Center). 18 of them are located in City of Capitals complex, reports a newspaper Financial Times with reference to papers received by an anti-corruption non-governmental organization Global Witness. The real estate is worth of $40 million.

According to the papers, members of the Syrian leader’s family bought the properties between 2013 and June, 2019. 13 facilities were bought directly by Assad’s cousin Hafez Makhlouf or companies controlled by him. Other 2 apartments are owned by a spouse of another Assad’s cousin - Rami Makhlouf, an influential Syrian businessman. FT correspondents discovered that at least 4 facilities are used as a living accommodation. One of these facilities are owned by twins Iyad and Ihab Makhlouf.

All brothers are under international sanctions. All of them refused FT to comment upon the matter. Representatives of offshore companies who take part in real estate transactions did not answer the newspaper’s questions, either.

Former Russia’s ambassador in Saudi Arabia Andrey Baklanov says the real estate bargains is a result of sanctions imposed by the Western countries on the Assad’s family. “It is only natural that the Syrian elite invests their money to countries where nothing can happen to them in,” he told FT.

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