Artem Mikhalkov buys expensive land plot on Rublevka

Artem Mikhalkov buys expensive land plot on Rublevka
Artem Mikhalkov

Experts have estimated the land plot at about 150 million rubles.

The son of Nikita Mikhalkov, 41-year-old Artem, has bought 1 hectare of land in Usovo, the exclusive village on Rublevo-Uspenskoe highway in the name of Usovo-Invest founded only a few months ago, in November 2016. According to official information, the company specializes in real estate transactions. The authorized capital of the company is 45.7 million rubles. Denis Tulumdzhan is the CEO of Usovo-Invest; he has confirmed the purchase to Life, but refused to disclose details. In the CEO’s words, it has not been decided yet which facilities will be located on the 1-hectare plot on Rublevka; however, Tulumdzhan assured that the area will be utilized under the best use system (best use of assets). In addition, he noted that the area purchased is unlikely to be used for the film industry.

Despite the fact Tulumdzhan refused to name the seller and the transaction price, experts estimate the hectare of land in Usovo at 150 million rubles. According to Life, this is the largest transaction implemented by Artem Mikhalkov, who has been under his father’s wing almost his whole life.

It is known that Artem Mikhalkov has been the chairman of the Board of the Russian Union of Right-holders (RUR), headed by his father, for the last 8 years. In 2009, Mikhalkov Sr. began lobbying the introduction of a system of fees for manufacturers and importers of electronic equipment, later dubbed the ‘Mikhalkov’s tax’ or ‘tax on CDs.’ The tax got its name from the fact that not only the carriers with data recorded on them are subject to it, but also blank recordable CDs or DVDs, as well as flash drives, hard drives, computers, smart phones, and other equipment with memory. The right to collect 1% of the turnover of manufacturers and importers of equipment for copying and reproducing audio and video recordings was granted to the Russian Union of Right-holders (RUR) in 2010. According to Life, in 2010-2015, RUR spent 15% fees, which is at least 1.5 billion rubles, on its activities, including management salaries. The Union transferred 20% fees to special funds, such as the affiliated National Fund for the Support of Right-holders and Pyotr Veliky (Peter the Great). Salaries of the RUR leadership are not disclosed. Moreover, the CrimeRussia has repeatedly pointed to the Union's affiliation with the Russian Authors' Society (RAS), the CEO of which was arrested in June 2016. Sergey Fedotov was charged with illegal alienation of RAS’s property worth over 500 million rubles into the ownership of a subsidiary company he created. The president of RUR and permanent chairman of the Union of Cinematographers Nikita Mikhalkov is said to have links with the RAS. However, the film director, actor, writer, and producer himself says he has nothing to do with the Society. Let us note that CEO of Usovo-Invest Denis Tulumdzhan was a member of the RUR’s board for at least 2010-2013 together with Sergey Fedotov.

Artem Mikhalkov might have invested the revenues from his main operating company Kinodom, existing for more than 10 years, in Usovo-Invest. In 2014, the movie ‘Status: Single’ was financed by the State Film Fund with 60 million rubles through Kinodom (with the movie’s total budget amounting to 86 million rubles). The same year, Mikhalkov Jr.’s company won the tender in the amount of 25 million rubles held by the Ministry of Culture for the motion picture ‘Betting on love.’ According to estimates, film director Artem Mikhalkov received 3 million rubles for working on the film.

Kinodom is also the organizer of Dvizhenie (Movement) National Debut Film Festival, Mikhalkov Jr. as its president. The festival is held with the support of the Ministry of Culture and the Omsk authorities; about 30 million rubles is annually allocated for it.

In addition to the business on the ‘paternal side’, Artem Mikhalkov has a share of 10% in Veterok restaurant in Gorki-2, located in two kilometers from the Usovo village. Earlier, Artem’s older brother Stepan owned 20% share in this restaurant by Arkady Novikov, but in 2010, he gave up half of his share in favor of Artem Mikhalkov. The latter found himself in the company of reputable partners: apart from Novikov, they include the former co-owners of Wimm-Bill-Dann holding company David Yakobashvili, Gavriil Yushvaev, and Timofey Klinovsky.



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