Arrested Tver region Minister accused local policeman of $96.200-bribe extortion

Arrested Tver region Minister accused local policeman of $96.200-bribe extortion
Viktor Shaforost in court

According to Viktor Shaforost, the polygraph approved that Lieutenant Colonel Dmitry Kharchenko has had a bearing upon money, while the Minister's statements to the FSB and the ICR were not useful.

On June 11, the Chertanovsky court of Moscow arrested Minister for the supervisory responsibility of the Tver region Viktor Shaforost for two months. He was charged with committing a crime under Intentional Damage to Property (part 3 of Article 33, part 2 of Article 167 of the Criminal Code).

The official is under investigation in the case of arson of the car, which was an evidence in the criminal case of his younger brother, former Head of the 2nd Criminal Investigation Department of the Internal Affairs Directorate for Prefecture of Troitsky and Novomoskovsky Administrative Districts (TiNAO) of Moscow Pavel Shaforost and six of his operatives. They were arrested in 2016 on charges of robbing an entrepreneur and extorting a hefty bribe from him. The investigation claims that the 38-year-old Tver Minister has had a hand in the burning of the SUV Highlander on March 19, 2018. Also, the investigation does not exclude the involvement of the Minister in the arson of the building of the TiNAO investigation department, where the materials of the criminal case over the bribe were stored.

As BFM informs, Viktor Shaforost has made the sensational statement during the last session.

In response to the accusation of destroying the evidence on the case of his brother, the defendant announced extortion of a large sum from him by the siloviki. According to the Minister of the Tver government, in the recent past, the Moscow UEBiPK operative in the rank of Major extorted a large bribe from him, promising, if refused, to level new charges against his brother.

In particular, Viktor Shaforost said that Head of the TiNAO BIA Dmitry Kharchenko he extorted money from him. According to the Minister, the head of the BIA nightmarized him through his former colleagues from UEBiPK. Shaforost said that at first, he extorted 6 million ($96.200), then the amount was reduced to 4 million 200 thousand rubles, and then to 3 million rubles.

According to the official, he applied to the FSB. The pre-investigation check was carried out, but the body refused to initiate the case.

The mediator through whom Kharchenko extorted a bribe was fired, and Head of the TiNAO BIA, Lt. Col. Dmitry Kharchenko, is still in charge.

"And although he passed a polygraph that approved that he was involved in extorting money, he was aware that someone extorted money from me, but was not fired," the defendant said.

Shaforost also denied involvement in the arson of the building of the investigative department, stating that the investigator set fire to the department and suggested checking him with a polygraph.

Shaforost, referring to his operational experience, was sure that the investigation has no grounds not only for an arrest but also for the detention, the newspaper writes. However, the accused was ready to be placed into the SIZO, and faced the court's decision calmly, soothing the relatives, who were shocked by such a decision.

Defender of the official Gleb Smirnov believes the arrest of his client is coercion against the younger brother of the official, as the Minister "was the main driving force in the defense of Pavel Shaforost and paid for the services of his lawyers." The defense intends to appeal the court's decision on the arrest of Viktor Shaforost.



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