Arrested SUV of fugitive oligarch Manashirov rammed 2 cars on Rublevskoу highway

Arrested SUV of fugitive oligarch Manashirov rammed 2 cars on Rublevskoу highway

While accused of tax evasion the co-owner of Moscow shopping center Armada and Columbus Solomon Manashirov is hiding in Israel, his car Infiniti QX has caused a serious accident on Rublevo-Uspensky highway near Moscow.

The incident occurred on the evening of September 5, near the Gorki village. The car Infiniti QX, which is owned by the fugitive oligarch Solomon Manashirov, collided with cars Zhiguli and Nissan.

According, Infiniti with license plate A005AA began to overtake the car in front and lost control. As a result, three members of the accident were injured and wounded.

In the car there was no the owner of the car during the incident. Behind the wheel of the car was a friend of the Manashirov’s family and Solomon Manashirov is currently absconding from justice in Israel.

His car also did not have to be on the way, because all Manashirov’s property was arrested during the investigation on charges of tax evasion totaling 500 million rubles.

Law enforcers have to find out on what basis Manashirov’s family friend took the car, which is under arrest.

Recall that a criminal case against Solomon Manashirov under Art. 199 of the Criminal Code (Tax Evasion) was initiated in April 2016. In addition, Solomon Manashirov is suspected of creating OCG, which included several influential businessmen and the brother of Solomon Manashirov Roman, known as the solver, associated with law enforcement and investigative agencies.

From November 2015 Roman Manashirov is under arrest. He was detained at the time of transfer of a bribe to investigators of thу MID of the MIA.



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