Arrested for robbery Kolpino Head claimes he is victim of garbage lobby

Arrested for robbery Kolpino Head claimes he is victim of garbage lobby
Vadim Ivanov

Vadim Ivanov, the Head of the district, claimed that a criminal case was fabricated.

Arrested for robbery Head of the Kolpino municipality Vadim Ivanov, wrote an appeal to local MPs, which his Deputy Oleg Miluta read out to members of the municipal council.

According to the official, the criminal case against him was fabricated by garbage lobby - supporters of the construction of the incinerator at the landfill site Krasny Bor in Kolpino, where it has already contained over two billion kilograms of toxic waste. According to Ivanov, last few years he has performed as a consistent opponent of the construction, because it can cause an environmental disaster due to the toxic waste.

According to the official data, the landfill does not accept the waste, but the Head of the district believe that the construction of the plant will begin. According to him, representatives of the junk lobby repeatedly offered him a bribe, the size of which struck the imagination. After the failure, the official began to receive threats, the result of which a criminal case against him was opened, according to Ivanov.

Earlier, the Head of the Kolpino municipality was arrested on suspicion of aggravated assault, commited 13-year-old. According to investigators, Vadim Ivanov, as part of a criminal group, attacked a woman entrepreneur in the entrance of the house on the Marshal Zakharov street, abducting her 50 thousand dollars. A criminal case was initiated in 2003, but the first detention happened in 2013, when a recidivist Dmitry Bolshakov made a deal with the investigation and spoke about the crimes committed, among which was the count with the attack, in which allegedly involved Ivanov. A year later, he became the Head of the municipality.



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