Arrest of Voronezh lawyer who hit 20-year-old guy on crosswalk prolonged 

Arrest of Voronezh lawyer who hit 20-year-old guy on crosswalk prolonged
Screenshot from surveillance camera record

In Voronezh, the court extended the period of arrest of 31-year-old lawyer Vladislav Bakhtin, who is accused of a fatal accident with 20-year-old young man death, until July 8.⁠

According to the regional ICR, Vladislav Bakhtin knocked down 20-year-old Vladislav Semenov, who crossed the road on a pedestrian crossing near the monument of Glory, in his Land Cruiser car on the night of April 8, and fled the scene of an accident.

During the investigation, experts found that Bakhtin ignored the red traffic light signal and knocked the pedestrian off at high speed. From the received blow the young man has flown about 50 meters and has died on a place from the received traumas. The culprit of the accident hurried to escape from the scene.

For several days he was searched for by law enforcement bodies, however, he turned himself in to the police on the fourth day and voluntarily handed over the car, at the wheel of which he was at the time of the accident. It turned out that it had with false numbers - he explained that he used them to not pay fines. In addition, during the time that Bakhtin was on the run, he managed to repair the damaged car.

In addition, Bakhtin said at the trial that he had fled the scene of the accident, hoping to hide the car in the garage of a friend. He asked the court to mitigate his measure of restraint and replace with a house arrest, but was refused. The prosecutor and the investigator insisted on extending his term of arrest so that he could not escape or put pressure on the witnesses of the crime committed.

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