Apocalypsis abducts Kazan businessman 

Apocalypsis abducts Kazan businessman
Tikhon Apocalypsis

The police detained Tikhon Apocalypsis (with numerous prior convictions) and his accomplice Viktor Sannikov. The criminals had extorted over 1 million rubles ($16.600) from a Kazan businessman.

Law enforcement officers of Tatarstan detained two residents of Tomsk: Tikhon Apocalypsis, 41, and Viktor Sannikov, 26, on suspicion of abducting a Kazan businessman.

According to investigators, the 22-year-old resident of Kazan wanted to run a joint business with the men selling tobacco products. However, when the young man found out about the ties Apocalypsis and Sannikov had in the underworld, he ditched the idea. The Siberian men did not like the decision, so the criminals kidnapped the man to squeeze about 1 million rubles out of him.

In July, the Kazan man was kidnapped and put in an apartment of a building in Derbyshki neighborhood, Kazan. The young man was beaten, and his money was being extorted from him. At some point, the victim managed to convince the criminals that he would pass the money within two months, and they let him go.

Next time the 22-year-old man was to meet Apocalypsis and Sannikov he came with the police. The criminals resisted, trying to ram the siloviki with their car.

Apart from Sannikov and Apocalypsis, the law enforcement officers detained three more accomplices in the abduction: Roman Davtyan from Kazakhstan, 27, Ilfat Miftakhov, 25, and Nikolai Sabanov, 55.

A criminal case was initiated under Art. "Abduction by a group of persons by previous concert; with the use of violence out of mercenary motives" and "Extortion by a group of persons by previous concert with violence".

According to the media, Apocalypsis had about 12 prior convictions. The latest one was in 2011 (for causing serious bodily harm, beatings and death threats). Two of his accomplices were previously charged with hooliganism and drug trafficking.

Video: Kazan Police detain group of suspects in extortion and abduction of man



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