"Anzor, Zaur and Besik said they killed the American scum"

"Anzor, Zaur and Besik said they killed the American scum"
Shadid Gubashev Photo: Anton Novoderezhkin / TASS

Defendants and an investigator were interrogated at the court hearing in the case of Boris Nemtsov.

Court hearings in regards to one of the most high-profile cases are coming to an end. After the interrogations of the defendants, which lasted for the past week, the parties will submit the additions and will proceed to the debate. One of the defendants, Temirlan Eskerkhanov, refused to answer the court's questions.

There are five defendants on the dock – the alleged killer Zaur Dadaev, the brothers Anzor and Shadid Gubashevs, Khamzat Bakhayev and Temirlan Eskerkhanov – they all followed Nemtsov, searched for information and helped the murderer to escape. The alleged organizer of the crime – the driver of the former deputy commander of the battalion Sever Ruslan Mukhutdinov – is on the wanted list. The hirer has not been established. The defendants do not admit their guilt.

At the hearing on Wednesday (the defense asked for a break to prepare for the interrogation), Shadid Gubashev answered the lawyer's questions. According to him, it turned out that he was not involved in the crime. He has known Dadaev since childhood, they are relatives, grew up together, he often came to the village of Kozino, where he and his brother and Khamzat Bakhayev rented a house. Shadid did not need extra money – he earned by transporting goods by KamAZ, " could even take a girl to a vacation". About the murder of the politician Nemtsov he learned from the news, he never followed him, did not search for information, in the village of Benelux, where Nemtsov's country house is and where Shadid's number was recorded in detail, he, as he claimed, has never been: he worked in the village nearby. "I did not commit any crime! I did not do it," the defendant repeated every now and then.

Shadid refuses to answer the prosecution's questions, therefore Prosecutor Maria Semenenko simply lists them. Why were Shadid’s genetic traces found in the apartment on Veyernaya Street? Why are his tracks in the ZAZ Chance, which was following Nemtsov? Why were things with traces of gunshots found in his personal BMW? What did he do on the day of the murder on February 27, 2015? Why did he leave Moscow immediately after the murder?

The defendant, apologizing, also did not answer the questions of the lawyers of victims Vadim Prokhorov and Olga Mikhailova. But he answered the jury's question passed in a note through the judge: on the day of the murder, he "was at his uncle’s, then Zaur called, I went to him on Veyernaya, was sitting in the living room, watching a movie." A day earlier, from 25 to 26 February, he "met Besik (Beslan Shavanov, accused of complicity in the murder of Nemtsov, died during the detention in Grozny) at Vnukovo Airport – Zaur asked to." It was the first time Shadid met Besik, but then he called him in Chechnya, when he was looking for Dadaev.

About the traces of gunshots on clothes Gubashev told mysteriously: "Some of the things belong to me. And the shot traces ... what did they do in Ingushetia ... Why didn’t they find my genetics there? That is the question!"

According to him, he did not hide or turn off the phone and put the car on a paid parking lot – and the person who committed the crime would not behave like that.

Prosecutor Semenenko asks to read the testimony given by Shadid at the investigation – not all (he was interrogated three times), but only the one of April 13, 2015. Shadid Gubashev, his brother Anzor and lawyers are against it. "They pressured us, they told me that my brother would be killed, so I wrote everything they wanted," Anzor Gubashev shouted from the fish tank. "I did not say anything like that, this protocol (October 15, 2015) is not mine," Shadid said emotionally. "But is the signature on the protocol yours?" asked the judge. "No, it's not mine!"

Shadid Gubashev’s testimonies of April 13, 2015 were announced the very next day, on Thursday. "They are falsified," says Shadid. "My brother said to me: do as they say, and they'll let you go. And dictated the answers, I did not write it. "

Before the announcement, the prosecutor asks to question investigator Alexander Kamashev, born in 1990, who was a member of the investigative group to investigate the murder of Boris Nemtsov, in order to resolve the issue with signatures – whether Shadid signed the protocol or not. The witness is interrogated without a jury.

"He's a dirty cop, we object," was heard from the fish tank. – Call Krasnov (the first head of the investigation team - Ed.), this one has nothing to do with anything!"

"Your Honor, he is chicken shit, this son of a bitch threatened to my family!" Temirlan Eskerkhanov rose from his seat. "He has a personal dislike for all of us."

"Careful, Eskerkhanov, your language can get you under another article!" the judge pacifies him.

Anzor Gubashev immediately added that according to Kamashev's tacit consent the escorts tortured him, did not remove the handcuffs, did not let him go to the toilet. "Yes, I have a dislike for him!"

The prosecutor showed the investigator the protocol of interrogation of October 15, 2015. "I remember this interrogation well, it was in Lefortovo with counselor Trofimov," Kamashev said. “No one had any objections. Both signed the protocol." As for the interrogation protocol of April 13, 2015, "Gubashev personally signed it while I was there".

“Are these signatures identical?” Shadid asked.

“Visually, they are different. But maybe you decided to change the signature, as Anzor did”, the investigator retorted.

“Do you think that it is possible to consider the murder case solved in the absence of the organizer and the hirer?” ssked the victims’ lawyer Prokhorov. “And did the investigation succeed in establishing the purpose for which Boris Nemtsov was killed?”

The judge dismisses the questions.

“Why wasn’t Ramzan Kadyrov interrogated?” Prokhorov continues.

“I do not know”.

“Oh, questions on Kadyrov, very well!” Dadaev remarked from the aquarium.

“Why was not Geremeev questioned?”

“I personally went to Chechnya and knocked on his door. Nobody opened it”.

“Why did you make me give false testimony?” Temirlan Eskerkhanov stands up.

"How can I force you? Look at me and at yourself? (Eskerkhanov is twice as big as the investigator) – all the defendants laughed.

The witness was dismissed, and Prosecutor Semenenko read at the same time the refusal to initiate a criminal case on the allegations of Shadid Gubashev and Zaur Dadaev on using violence and torture – this was not confirmed by the investigation.

They called the jury and read to them a fragment of Shadid's interrogation of April 13, 2015. Then Shadid said that at 4 am on February 28, 2015, when he was driving home from his uncle’s, Dadaev called him and asked to come to Veyernaya Street, he said that he would explain the reason on the spot. Anzor Gubashev, Dadaev and Beslan Shavanov had already been there. Dadaev was smoking hashish. They said that they killed Nemtsov – Zaur shot him and Anzor was at the wheel. Shadid, after learning about the murder, was in shock, he says to the investigator. On Veyernaya, Dadaev said that they needed to fly to Grozny urgently.

When they met in Chechnya, Shadid once again asked if they had really killed Nemtsov. Anzor confirmed. Dadaev said that he did not kill the girl, because she is not guilty of anything.

The investigator’s question as to why Shadid had not given the evidence before, he replied that he was afraid to harm his brother.

"The handwritten record says: "Written in my words and verified by me; I myself did not take part in the murder. Besik, my brother Anzor and Zaur Dadaev said that they killed the "American scum" Nemtsov. My brother Anzor was driving, Zaur Dadaev shot Nemtsov at night on February 27, 2015". In the minutes of October 15, 2015, Shadid repeats that at night on Veyernaya, Anzor, Zaur and Besik told him that they had killed Nemtsov. The next day, Dadaev flew to Grozny along with the commander (Geremeev).

Shadid again repeats, "it's not my words, the investigators forced me to."

Then Anzor Gubashev was questioned. He also refused to answer the prosecution's questions, saying that he would tell everything later. The prosecutor again asks questions in the void.

How did his number get into one of the "combat" phones that were traced near Nemtsov’s house? How did his traces get in the ZAZ? Why was his phone turned off exactly at the time when the combat phones were turned on? What were he doing near the GUM late on February 27? Why did he fly to Grozny with Beslan Shavanov a day later? When the judge asked whether Anzor really intended to buy a plot of land for 600.000 rubles, as his mother told in court, Gubashev replied evasively: "Yes, I was going to start a family and build a house!"

"Well, did you have any money?"

"No, I did not".

The protocols of Anzor Gubashev’s questioning, where he admits to participating in the murder of Boris Nemtsov, will be read at the next meeting. The last suspect, Zaur Dadaev, will also be questioned.



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