"Anyways, call your superiors. I'll talk to them": Men from Caucasus fight with policemen in Surgut 

"Anyways, call your superiors. I'll talk to them": Men from Caucasus fight with policemen in Surgut
Men from Caucasus confident of their rightness recorded everything happening on video

Men from the Caucasus attacked law enforcers after refusing to go to the police station.

Two natives of the Caucasus engaged in a scuffle with members of Patrol and Point Duty Service in Surgut.

Yesterday, two men, 30 and 32, were violating public order in the city park, which attracted the attention of law enforcement officers. The Caucasians reacted aggressively to the policemen’s criticism. The violators of order began to provoke the staff of the Patrol Service in order to engage them into a conflict. In response to the request of the police to go to the office for registration of an administrative protocol, one of the Caucasians said: "You want to take me? Well, go ahead."

After this, the aggressively-minded man demanded that the management and officers of the patrol and guard service come to the scene of the incident.

"Anyways, call your superiors. I'll talk to them," the Caucasian demanded.

Note that the violators of law and order were filming everything on the phone and posted the video of the conflict on social media. However, the video stops literally before the start of the scuffle.

Later, the press service of the MIA in Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug reported that "the violators inflicted bodily harm to the police officers." After a short fight, the police succeeded in pacifying the rowdy men and bringing them to the investigation department.

The department reported that criminal proceedings were instituted against the hooligans under the Art. 318 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (Use of Violence Against a Representative of the Power), the sanction of which provides for punishment in the form of imprisonment for 5 years. Now, the suspects are put in a temporary detention facility.

Video: men resisting arrest, Surgut 



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