Arrested anti-fascists report on tortures and falsification of evidences

Arrested anti-fascists report on tortures and falsification of evidences
Detainees claim that the servicemen want to beat out confession from them

The activists claim that confession was beaten out of them. The investigation accuses them of organization of a terrorist group and preparation of a revolution.⁠

The defendants in a case of a terrorist community has reported on tortures by a stun gun and weapon flaked to them during detention. OVD-Info writes about this.

According to the media, in mid October, Egor Zorin was detained. Then, his friends, Ilya Shakursky and Vasily Kuskov, were also arrested. In November, police detained Andrey Chernov and Amrana Sagynbayeva. Five of them are now in a pre-trial detention center. Zorin is under house arrest.

As the portal reports, during a meeting with his wife, Pchelintsev managed to tell her about tortures in prison. “I am afraid that my heart will stop and I will not come out from here alive. It is hell”, OVD-Info cites words of Pchelintsev.

Besides, the anti-fascist claims that during searches, a registered weapon was found at his place — hunting rifles and two traumatic guns. Police also found two grenades in a car under back sitting. Pchelintsev made it clear that the weapon was flaked.

Another defendant, Vasily Kuskov, told a similar version. According to him, police tortured him, and found  an unregistered gun in his car, which, according to him, was flaked.

To recall, according to the versions of the investigation, all detainees were involved in the 5.11 terrorist group, which prepared a revolution and overthrow of the power.

As OVD-Info writes, a confession was given by all defendants except Kuksov. Relatives of the defendants told OVD-Info that the ‘wildest’ evidence were given by Zorin, the fellow student of Shakursky, who at first was also placed in a pre-trial detention center.



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