Anti-corruption rally in Moscow: Alexey Navalny detained 

Anti-corruption rally in Moscow: Alexey Navalny detained
Alexey Navalny detained in Moscow, March 26

In Moscow, oppositionist Aleksey Navalny was detained when taking part in an unsanctioned rally against corruption.

It is reported that Navalny was detained at the corner of Mamontovsky Lane, when he was walking along Tverskaya Street, Moscow. According to video bloggers, Alexey Navalny was waving bright sneakers, which he carried in his hand, and thus attracted the attention of law enforcers. Several policemen tried to put him in a paddy wagon, to which the oppositionist himself and the demonstrators actively resisted.

When the law enforcers did manage to do this, a crowd of at least 100 demonstrators blocked the prison truck preventing it from moving, and then blocked the road with a parked car.

Let us recall that the anti-corruption demonstrations and rallies are taking place today in a number of Russian cities. In most cases, the rallies were not approved by local authorities.

The rally against corruption in Moscow began today, on March 26 at 14:00. City authorities and law enforcement agencies had not coordinated it, as they had found the procession route – from the Tverskaya Zastava Square through the streets of the 1st Tverskaya-Yamskaya and Tverskaya streets – unacceptable. The authorities offered another venue, with which the organizers of the rally did not agree.

About 18 people have been detained so far in Moscow. Previously, 4 participants of similar rallies were detained in Yekaterinburg, and before that, several dozen people in Vladivostok and Blagoveshchensk.

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