Another race of Moscow douchebags: Sochi this time

Another race of Moscow douchebags: Sochi this time
On the video one can see a yellow Lamborghini, similar to the one belonging to Igor Ishaev

Three drivers of sports cars drove around the city at a speed of over 300 km/h and recorded what was happening on the video.⁠

Three elite foreign cars – Lamborghini, Ferrari and Audi – took part in races at a speed of over 300 kph on one of the central streets of Sochi. The drivers filmed all what was happening on the video, which was then uploaded to social networks, NTV channel reports.

Soon the police identified one of the riders by Moscow numbers and detained him for testimony in the department. He turned out to be one of the residents of the capital born in 1987. A protocol on administrative violation has been drawn up against him.

The video with the racing was posted on the page of professional racing driver Andrey Plotnitsky. In addition, it features a peculiar photo report on his summer vacation, including a trip to Dubai.

Another video, shot in the capital, indicates the speed of the car exceeding 330 km/h – at this speed planes usually take off.

An explanatory conversation was conducted with the drivers, and they were fined for a total of 19.500 rubles ($324.3).

Another driver was also successfully identified – he turned out to be notorious Igor Ishaev, the grandson of the ex-Governor of Khabarovsk Krai, Viktor Ishaev. The video with the races in Sochi got in the Instagram account of the ‘silver-spooner’ with the comment "Oh oh, what a fuss has been made, I drove out on the straight road once or twice – no big deal. Write me out a fine". However, earlier Ishaev denied his relation to this account.

On March 15, Igor Ishaev earned notoriety after the accident he provoked at the zero kilometer of the Moscow Ring Road. Then, at the moment of collision with three more cars, including a van, the arrow on his Mercedes-Benz indicated around 230 kilometers per hour.

Earlier, The CrimeRussia has looked in detail into the activities of both the silver-spooner and his high-ranking grandfather.



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