Another policeman, who calmly eating during massacre on Rochdelskaya, appeared in case of Shakro Molodoy

Another policeman, who calmly eating during massacre on Rochdelskaya, appeared in case of Shakro Molodoy
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The Presnensky court will consider the case of the Chief of the criminal police of the MIA Presnensky Division Denis Romashkin’s arrest, who was unable to prevent conflict in the Elements restaurant, which led to victims.

Denis Romashkin is accused of Abuse of Official Powers (Art. 285 of the Criminal Code). He faces up to 10 years in prison. Earlier, the policeman was charged on a softer article - Negligence (Article 293 of the Criminal Code). According to Interfax, Romashkin was arrested on September 27, at the same moment, it was consequently petitioned for his arrest, because he could use his relations and may put pressure on witnesses, liquidate evidence in the case or escape. However, the court adjourned the hearing and extended the detention for 72 hours, giving the defense a right to collect materials - specifications, certificates and medical records to prove that the defendant of the resonant case does not need the arrest.

According to investigators, Romashkin arrived in the Elements restaurant of the Rochdelskaya street for helping now arrested officer Ildar Shakirov in the settlement of the conflict between the owner of the restaurant Joanna Kim and criminals, sent by the thief in law Zakhar Kalashov (Shakro Molodoy) on December 14, 2015. He thus decided to support his friend Fatima Misikova, who was the designer of the restaurant and decided that she was underpaid 8 million rubles.

Denis Romashkin appeared at the restaurant dressed in civilian clothes and, instead of performing his duties, made an order in a restaurant and viewed the happenings from the table with Shakirov. Later, they were joined by the district officer Rinat Zinatullin (also subsequently arrested) and three other police officers from the MIA Presnensky Division and the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Central District of Moscow.

Representatives of Joanna Kim claimed that they had repeatedly asked the policemen to assist them in the prevention of extortion by gangsters - the owner of the restaurant even provided audio recording of the threats against her, but the officer did not do anything, Kommersant reported.

Law enforcement officers remained indifferent even when a fight broke out on the street and and the shooting began, in which there were killed two people and one became disabled. Only when criminals fled, Romashkin ordered his subordinates to unload the wounded into the Gazelle, freeing it from two previously detained women, and delivered them to the hospital.

Recall that this incident was the starting point for a number of high-profile cases. After the arrest of one of the participants of the massacre Andrey Kochuykov (the Italian), the thief in law Zakhar Kalashov, according to the investigation, was trying to give a bribe of 1 million dollars for the release of his handy. As a result, there were arrested Shakro Molodoy, who is accused of creating a criminal association and extortion, as well as the first Deputy Head of the MID ICR in Moscow Denis Nikandrov, the Head of the BIA ICR Mikhail Maksimenko and the Head of the BIA Department Alexander Lamonov, accused of taking bribes.



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