Another Chechen battalion goes to Syria 

Another Chechen battalion goes to Syria
Chechen Battalion in Aleppo

Chechen soldiers serve as military police protecting the airfield, patrolling, escorting humanitarian supplies and performing other tasks.

Another rotation of Russian troops has been held In Syria. New servicemen went there from Chechnya to replace the military police battalion that had returned, reported Rosbalt citing an informed source that also specified that it was about non-military operations. The military police will guard the airfield, patrol, escort humanitarian supplies, etc.

The unit created on the basis of Vostok and Zapad battalions (now disbanded) is going to stay In Syria for 5 months.

This would be the second battalion with the Chechen security forces that has gone to Syria. The first one went there in November 2016 and returned on March 17, 2017. All of the members are contractors with experience of service in hot spots, said Daniil Martynov, the center manager, assistant to Chechen head Ramzan Kadyrov and Rosgvardia deputy head for the republic.

The fighters had been trained at the International Training Center for Special Forces in Gudermes with former employees of elite special forces Alfa, Vympel and the GRU as their instructors.  

Earlier this year Ramzan Kadyrov made a post on Instagram on the work of the Chechen military in Syria, saying the men were proud to have the honor to maintain peace and order in Aleppo. He also argued the Chechens would consider themselves very lucky if they got a chance to protect the Syrian airport.

Another goal the Chechens in Syria pursue is establishing contacts with the locals, and the soldiers underwent a special training to do this, Kadyrov stressed.

Earlier, Novaya Gazeta had unveiled brochures listing the rules of conduct in Syria. The small booklets include basic information about the country: geographical information, language, holidays, currency, and customs. They speak of various types of weapons used and give some Russian-Arabic phrases.

Up till this moment, Kadyrov has argued that all the reports claiming Chechen battalions were being prepared for sending to Syria for a ground operation were fake.

Caption Photo: Brochures listing the rules of conduct in Syria
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