Another case initiated following fire in Rostov-on-Don

Another case initiated following fire in Rostov-on-Don
Large fire in Rostov-on-Don Photo: Evgeny Dubrovsky / Kommersant

Local officials are accused of negligence, which entailed significant destruction and death of a person.⁠

In the wake of the large fire in Rostov-on-Don, the regional Investigative Committee initiated a criminal case under Negligence (part 2 of Art. 293 of the Russian Criminal Code).

As reported on the committee’s website, the grounds for commencing the case were the facts of improper performance of duties by local officials and utility service providers. Persons responsible for ensuring fire safety and preventing and eliminating the consequences of emergencies in the city are also suspected of negligence.

According to the investigation, the improper performance by officials of their official duties caused great damage to the city and its inhabitants and entailed the death of a person.

In particular, 123 residential buildings were destroyed and damaged in the fire. A burnt corpse of a man, who resided in one of the buildings on Chuvashskaya Street, was found.

Earlier, MIA Main Directorate in the Rostov region had initiated a criminal case under part 2 of Art. 167 of the Russian Criminal Code (Willful Destruction or Damage of Property, including that committed through hooligan motives by means of fire, explosion, or by any other generally dangerous method). The issue of the prosecution of specific officials will be resolved after they are identified.

To recall, citing a source in the law enforcement bodies, TASS reported that the cause of the fire had been deliberate arson in several locations throughout the city at once. The press service of the Rostov region government stressed that, according to preliminary data, the fire had occurred in abandoned houses not suitable for living. According to Head of the EMERCOM Main Directorate in the Rostov region Valery Sinkov, the cause of the fire was an "extraneous source of ignition."

As reported by the CrimeRussia, previously, the local residents had repeatedly reported that unknown people went door to door and offered them to sell their plots of land, threatening to burn their homes otherwise.

Let us recall that on Monday afternoon, the fire spread around several private houses located on Teatralny Spusk. It broke out in a private residence located on Nizhegorodskaya Street, and then spread to neighboring houses. About 600 people were evacuated from houses, including nearby, 400 of which are considered injured in the fire. 58 persons sought medical treatment, and 9 were hospitalized.



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