Another Azerbaijani businessman killed in Moscow 

Another Azerbaijani businessman killed in Moscow

Anar Aliyev died in the hospital.

An unknown person attacked Azerbaijani businessman Anar Aliyev in the Moscow district of ​​Chertanovo, the Mash Telegram channel reports. The criminal opened fire on the car Lexus, which was a businessman. Aliyev was wounded in the head and died in the hospital.

According to eyewitnesses, the attack was committed around 10 am. One of the versions is a contract killing. The police are checking all the versions. The suspect is being searched.

According to REN TV, Aliyev was engaged in wholesale trade of food, beverages and tobacco, and also sold spruces in the bazaar. Mash reports that he was a co-owner of several food outlets.

Earlier, several murders of Azerbaijani natives in Moscow were committed. So, in September 2017, an unknown man shot several times at businessman Rahman Aliyev in Biryulevo. According to some sources, Aliyev was a member of one of the local gangs.

In January of this year another Azerbaijani citizen Mahir Rustamov was shot point-blank. He was found with a gunshot wound on Slavyansky Boulevard.



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