'Angarsk maniac': how did he kill his victims

'Angarsk maniac': how did he kill his victims
Mikhail Popkov

During an investigative experiment, 59-year-old police officer Mikhail Popkov, convicted of 22 murders and having recently confessed of 59 more murders, has told in detail about one of his crimes.

52-year-old Angarsk police officer Mikhail Popkov, convicted of murdering young women, has demonstrated to operatives how he killed one of his victims in the summer of 1997. The investigative experiment has been carried out by MIA officers in the Irkutsk region.

According to Life, having indicated the crime site, Popkov has told how he came there with an unknown girl of Slavic appearance and medium build, with whom he began drinking alcohol. Then there was a conflict, in which Popkov hacked the victim lying on the ground to death with a hunting hatchet, stabbing her at least three times.

After leaving the crime scene, he threw the murder weapon in the woods.

Let us recall that law enforcers managed to detain Mikhail Popkov in Vladivostok in 2012. Investigators identified the suspect using the tire treads of his car, traces of which were found at the murder scene.

The ICR is currently investigating into 12 more episodes of criminal activity of the Angarsk serial killer Mikhail Popkov; he has already been charged under 47 episodes in which he had confessed; previously, he had been sentenced for a life term for 24 crimes (22 murders and two inflictions of grievous bodily harm). During the investigation of the first criminal case, Popkov was diagnosed with homicidomania, that is, an irresistible attraction to murder, by the forensic psychiatric examination. The 'Angarsk maniac' still has not repented of the killings, claiming that his victims "were themselves to blame". At the same time, Mikhail Popkov plans to be released in 8 years. According to MIA special agent Artem Dubynin, who has been involved in the investigation of the maniac's crimes, Popkov intends to write a petition for clemency to the President.

It is noteworthy that the imprisoned Popkov actively communicates with journalists and psychiatrists, doing paid interviews. Price of an interview is 10 thousand rubles. According to the CrimeRussia, he transfers all the money earned by his media activity on his daughter's account.



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