'Angarsk maniac' had accomplice?

'Angarsk maniac' had accomplice?
Mikhail Popkov

Former head of the serial killer at the Department of Internal Affairs of Angarsk has made a shocking announcement in the program Pryamoy Efir ('Live') on the First Channel. According to former Head of the criminal police Andrey Shestopalov, Mikhail Popkov's accomplice was a Russian Armed Forces Сolonel.

In a TV-show Pryamoy Efir ('Live') on the First Channel, former Head of the criminal police at the Central District Department of Internal Affairs, operations officer of the DIA Angarsk Criminal Investigation in 90s Andrey Shestopalov said that his immediate subordinate in the 90s – the serial killer Mikhail Popkov – had an accomplice.

According to Shestopalov, a certain lieutenant colonel of the Russian Armed Forces was a partner of Lieutenant of militia Popkov, accused in more than 80 murders.

The man who was Popkov’s boss from 1999 to 2001 told there was a chance that ‘Angarsk maniac’ might have been involved in the first murders, committing further crimes on his own.

Shestopalov told that during the investigation of the maniac's crimes, it was revealed that the murderer had an accomplice, who was at some point under a cloud. According to him, criminals were in contact and visited places where victims were later found. Later, the lieutenant colonel was killed by members of a local organized crime group, as the former police officer told. 

Shestopalov refused to name the partner in crime, referring to the confidentiality of the information.

Meanwhile, according to IrkSib, the press service of the ICR Investigations Directorate for the Irkutsk region has denied the information about the accomplice of 'Angarsk maniac', calling it not consistent with the reality.



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