Anarchist arrested in St. Petersburg reports on tortures by FSB officers

Anarchist arrested in St. Petersburg reports on tortures by FSB officers
Viktor Filinkov

Left-wing activist Viktor Filinkov arrested in St. Petersburg on suspicion of involvement in a terrorist community has reported on tortures, to which he was subjected by FSB officers after being detained.

Public Monitoring Committee (PMC) has recorded the injuries in an act.

Filinkov has shown numerous burn marks from a stun gun on his body to PMC members. According to the PMC finding, the burns appeared after he was detained and put into a car by FSB officers on the way to the airport. After that, the antifascist was taken to the police department of St. Petersburg’s Krasnogvardeysky district, from where he was taken to hospital No. 26.

According to Dozhd TV Channel citing PMC rights defenders, after the detention, FSB officers took Filinkov in the woods, where they were beating him into a confession. When the activist agreed to repeat the testimony for protocol, he was taken to the FSB Directorate. Filinkov was allegedly threatened to be placed in a cell with people infected with tuberculosis for failure to testify in court.

Viktor Filinkov was detained on the night between January 24 and 25 on suspicion of participation in a terrorist community. The Dzerzhinsky District Court ruled on his detention for 2 months. According to the investigation, Filinkov and other unidentified persons “sharing the anarchist ideology” had taken part in a terrorist community subdivision aimed at terrorist activities, propaganda, as well as the justification and support of terrorism.

The press service of St. Petersburg courts reports that Filinkov has confirmed the suspicion against him. Filinkov’s wife, to meet whom he was to travel to Kiev, told that a couple of months ago, the spouses noticed they were being watched.



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