Anapa: mass detentions of persons of Caucasian nationality

Anapa: mass detentions of persons of Caucasian nationality

There are both local residents and visitors among the detainees. All of them have spent three to five hours at the police station.

More than a dozen Caucasians were detained and taken to the police station in Anapa on June 22, a member of the Human Rights Council under the head of Ingushetia, Mussa Bekmurziev – who was also detained – told journalists.

He suggested that the ‘purge’ was due to the holding of World Cup-2018. Kavkazsky Uzel has talked to several detainees. All of them say they were detained without grounds; they were taken to the police station, fingerprinted, and taken mugshots under the pretext of the need to identify each person, although many of them had IDs.

Mussa Bekmurziev said that he was detained at about 11:00 pm when he was walking along the central square of Anapa. Despite the health center card that he presented, the law enforcers took him to the police station and held him for about three hours. He stressed that a search was conducted inside the buses, in which the detainees were transported – the bags and pockets of the detainees were emptied out, and their shoes checked.

Both visitors and those who live permanently in Anapa were taken to the police. For example, former Chechen resident detained in the center of Anapa, Ismail, said that he was taken to the police department by a second bus at around 12 o'clock in the morning. He noted that he had lived in Anapa for 15 years and had a residence permit. He carried a passport, but this was no obstacle to law enforcers. They asked him if he would like to return to Chechnya.

Several detainees have already stated that they intend to file complaints about illegal detentions with the regional prosecutor's office. In turn, the MIA Directorate said that the detentions were connected with the search for a Caucasian national who had committed a crime.



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