An escaped prisoner, sought in Moscow, was caught in Yakutia

An escaped prisoner, sought in Moscow, was caught in Yakutia
Photo: Sakhapress

Convicted of killing a police officer, robbery and drug smuggling Magomed Umarov was detained in Yakutia, where he was serving his sentence. Earlier this month he has escaped from convoy in Lensk.

Meanwhile, on 12th of June the MIA forces in Moscow got an A.P.B.(location) on him. Law enforcement agencies found out that after the escape he may be hiding in Moscow or in Moscow Region.However, the escapee could not have gone far. A week later he was arrested in Lensk, where Umarov got away by jumping off the hospital's third floor.

The manhunt kept busy not only MIA forces, but also the SORT team and FSB (Federal Security Service) in Yakutia. Immediately after the escape all ways out of town were taken under control. Tonight the prisoner was caught by detectives. The press service of the Main Directorate of MIA in Sakha quickly spread out the message.

Let’s note that negligence inquest was instituted regarding this incident against the guard, responsible for the escape of Umarov. He was transferred to the hospital due to his complaints of pain in the stomach



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