Amur region: policeman sentenced to 1.5 years for killing perpetrator during arrest

Amur region: policeman sentenced to 1.5 years for killing perpetrator during arrest

In the Amur region, the court has convicted a police officer who murdered a suspect during arrest.

The officer is accused of a crime punishable under part 2 of Art. 108 (“Murder Committed in Excess of the Measures Needed for the Detention of a Person who has Committed a Crime”) of the Russian Criminal Code.

The visitors of Kitay-Gorod café got into a fight in the City of Blagoveshchensk on December 23, as established during the investigation and subsequent trial. The café administrator called the police by pressing an alert button. Private security agency employees who answered the call were dealing with the brawlers on the street near the café entrance when a group of young people approached them. One of the group members, a 27 y. o. man, was heavily drunk. He punched one of the brawlers in front of the officers. One of the officers tried to calm the attacker who then punched him. The officer collapsed on the ground.

The drunk passer-by immediately tried to flee but the second officer went after him. He fired several warning shots but the perpetrator did not react and continued running away. The officer shot him in the back when he dashed towards nearby car garages hoping to hide there.

The runaway suffered a penetrating gun-shot wound as the result. The bullet hit him in the lower back and exited through abdomen. The bullet penetrated left half of his lower back and exited through the right anterior abdominal wall. He died due to the gun-shot wound in the Amur Region Hospital.

The Blagoveshchensk City Court convicted the officer of a murder and sentenced him to 1.5 years in prison. The sentence has not come into effect as of today.



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