Amur region policeman’s murderer jailed for 22 years

Amur region policeman’s murderer jailed for 22 years
Memorial plaque in honor of the deceased police officer

His ally got 4 years in jail.⁠

The Amur Regional Court sentenced the resident of the Zeya district to 22 years of strict regime colony on the basis of the verdict of the jury. He organized a robbery of the house of Zeya resident and killed a police officer during the commission of this crime, TASS reports.

The crime was committed on May 31, 2016 in Svetly district of Zeya in the Amur region. Two robbers planned to gain entry to the house of a local resident, but the criminal investigation team knew about the attack ahead of time. Bandits broke the window on the first floor and got into the house, but there were policemen waiting for them. The siloviki grabbed one of the raiders, but he escaped, run away into the yard and started shooting back. During the shooting police captain Taras Sokolyuk received two gunshot wounds incompatible with life.

"In response to the lawful demands of a policeman to surrender, the robber fired two shots, injuring the right forearm, as well as the chest and abdomen of a police officer; these wounds were fatal," the regional Prosecutor's Office said.

Both hijackers were eventually detained, and on the eve the Amur Regional Court sentenced them. The murderer of police captain Taras Sokolyuk was sentenced to 22 years in a strict-regime colony, and his accomplice was sentenced to 4 years. The court on the basis of the verdict of the jury made this decision.

Taras Sokolyuk, who was killed, was posthumously awarded the Order of Courage. The state award was presented by Head of the Amur MIA to the parents of the deceased policeman in December. And the other day the memory of Taras Sokolyuk was immortalized by a memorial plaque on the building of the Zeysky police department.



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