American agent Smolenkov flees Stafford home

American agent Smolenkov flees Stafford home

His neighbors told the story to the media.

The family of the alleged American agent, Oleg Smolenkov, hastily left their house in Stafford, Virginia, having spotted a reporter of one of the American media outlets, the owner of the house across the street, Greg Talley, told RIA Novosti on Wednesday.

According to Talley, he found out about who his neighbor might be from a Daily Beast reporter, who knocked on their door the day before.

Then he went to another house and scared the neighbor, Talley said. She called him and said that a stranger was asking questions about the Russian neighbors. Talley said that the reporter had just been at his place and it was alright. She and her husband talked to him after all, the man said.

The neighbors also told Talley that the reporter was sitting in his car waiting for the Russians to come home in the evening. They saw him, got into the house and 15 seconds later they left in both of their cars, that was it, Talley revealed.

Earlier, the American television channel CNN reported that in 2017, the most valuable informant of the American special services in the power structures of the Russian Federation was urgently evacuated from Russia. The informant’s name was not disclosed, however, the Russian media said that it could be someone named Oleg Smolenkov, an employee of the presidential administration. In 2017, he and his family went on vacation to Montenegro and vanished.

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