Ambulance called for detained Nastya Rybka

Ambulance called for detained Nastya Rybka
Anastasia Vashukevich

Vashukevich stated that she was offered to testify in a criminal case.

Anastasia Vashukevich (Nastya Rybka) detained at Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport required medical assistance due to the increased temperature and poor health. An ambulance was called for the girl, but there was no hospitalization. Deported from Thailand, Vashukevich flew to Moscow without warm clothes and, possibly, caught a cold, the member of the POC, Eva Merkacheva, reported.

“I lay on the mattress for the first time in recent months. After all, in prison, we slept on the concrete floor. In general, if you compare the local conditions and Thai - there we miraculously survived. And the last days we were in a cell where there was no toilet. We were offered to urinate right in the corner of the camera,” Vashukevich said to Merkacheva.

According to Rybka, at Sheremetyevo, before her arrest, she was offered to become a witness in a criminal case. Vashukevich refused and noticed that she could answer questions from Minsk, where she was deported by the Thai court. To this the girl received the answer that “there is no transit zone in Sheremetyevo.” Vashukevich was stamped on being in Russia and immediately detained.

Vashukevich was sent to jail along with the other three people accompanying her: Alexander Kirillov (Alex Leslie), Maria Zharkova, and Andrey Zherchko. They are charged with engaging in prostitution (Article 240 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation).

In February 2018, Leslie and Rybka were detained in Thailand during the training on the seduction "Life without panties." Nastya Rybka asked for help from the US authorities, promising in return to give them evidence of Russia's interference in the recent US presidential election, but politicians ignored this statement.



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