Altai: urn with ashes of veteran of Great Patriotic War pulled out

Altai: urn with ashes of veteran of Great Patriotic War pulled out
Photo: KP

The locals even managed to gather information on the deceased.

Citizen of a settlement of Talmenka Maksim Yarovoy has accidentally pulled an urn with ashes of a veteran of the Great Patriotic War Evgeny Fedorovich Doilnitsyn out the Chumysh River. The deceased died at the age of 100 which is proved by a sign plate attached to the urn.

Newspaper Talmenskaya zhizn reported about the incident. According to the data on the sign plate, the veteran passed away on November 10, last year. The urn’s case was broken, water got in, but the ash was not washed out, as it had been kept in a bag.

The vacationers called the police. Law enforcers took the urn and are looking for the veteran’s relatives to determine details as to how the urn had got in the river.

According to data from open sources, Evgeny Fedorovich Doilnitsyn was born in Altai’s settlement of Sorokino. In 1933, he and his family moved to Novosibirsk. He graduated from the silicate college (later - Novosibirsk chemical and technological college named after Mendeleev) with honours.

In December, 1940, he became a member of a military training company in Ukraine’s Brody. During the war, he went from being a sergeant to lieutenant. He got injuries twice. He was decorated with an order of the Great Patriotic War of the first rank and the Red Star, medals For the defence of Kyiv, For the victory over Germany, For the victory over Japan, Veteran of labor.



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