Altai prisoners cut veins in court en masse

Altai prisoners cut veins in court en masse

Four prisoners of the Barnaul detention center cut their veins in the courtrooms, Bankfax news agency reported.

On the morning of September 21, a series of attempted suicides happened in the Altai courtrooms. Prisoners in different courts of the city started cutting their arms at the same time. Anastasia Buchneva, an attorney, said that the convoy had a slow reaction and one of the defendants had enough time to cut his arms and neck. "I believe my client was doing self-harm for about five minutes," said the lawyer.

The press service of the Central District Court of Barnaul, where one of the protests occurred, regards what happened as a provocation rather than a suicide attempt. The prisoner inflicted surface wounds while worrying that he would get stained with blood. All the prisoners who had made the courtroom performances were taken to hospital.

This same group had arranged unusual performances before: they believe that the investigation of the cases against them was conducted inadequately. In August, they went on a hunger strike in Barnaul detention center No. 1, when one of the prisoners tried to sew his own mouth. According to journalists, the activist was a former thief in law Nikolai Kuzmin, known in criminal circles as Mladenets (“Infant”). However, the agency then reported that only two inmates refused to eat because they did not agree with the claims in their case files.



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