Altai police abuse legless man 

Altai police abuse legless man
The incident was caught on camera Photo: Screenshot from a video

He had turned to them for help.

The police department of the Altai Region began checking reports about the use of violence by policemen against a man on crutches.

A video with a man on crutches turning to law enforcement officers inside a jeep has been circulating on the Internet. One of the policemen is seen rudely pushing him away, making the disabled person fall on the ground; he angrily hits the car with his crutch as it is going away. The jeep stops and the policemen approach the legless man, kick him and drag him from the roadway.

The news agency Tolk reported that the local Ministry of Internal Affairs is studying all the circumstances of the incident. If the reports are confirmed, all the perpetrators will be punished and possibly dismissed. Direct superiors of the employees will also be disciplined.

According to the agency, the incident occurred in the town of Gornyak, Loktevsky District, Altai Region.

Video: police abuse man on crutches 



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