Russian diamond mining company's top-manager files lawsuit over bad ‘paradise’ in Singapore 

Russian diamond mining company's top-manager files lawsuit over bad ‘paradise’ in Singapore
Sergey Vybornov

Sergey Vybornov demands a return of more than $10.5 million for apartments in Singapore.⁠

The former president of diamond mining company Alrosa is suing for a refund for luxury apartments in Singapore, which did not suit him on a number of indicators. Vybornov requires more than $10.5 million from the defendant. According to Vybornov, the sold apartments of 314 square meters in the complex Eden do not correspond to the declared "paradise".

The lawsuit submitted to the company Capitol Residential Development is one of the most expensive in the history of Singapore. Vybornov requires full refund, excluding the possibility of repair as compensation.

The businessman justifies his claim by the fact that the real estate turned out to be "unfit for living, does not meet the standards of luxury" and the idea of ​​"open paradise", as presented at the sale. Among the specific shortcomings in the 20-page lawsuit is, for example, "bad finishing" in the residential part. This drawback will not allow, according to the entrepreneur, to rent out his apartments for $25.000 per month.

A preliminary hearing on this case was already held in November. In 2018, the court decision will be rendered. However, as lawyer and partner of NewLawyers Andrey Chumakov told, the plaintiff has no chances.

"The key point is the contract’s articles, which cover the issue of quality and could be violated. If it is a matter of insignificant violations, it can be assumed that it is unlikely that it will terminate the contract and return the money. If the contract does not cover this situation, so what are the criteria of non-quality of repairs? It should also be noted that it is unclear why $25.000 as compensation, and to does seller know that the apartment would be leased for such a sum, and not for 21 thousand. It is hardly possible to blame the seller that you can not rent an apartment for 25 thousand if he did not know about it in advance, and all this was not clearly covered in the contract," Chumakov said.





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