Alisova who hit ‘drunk’ boy partially admits guilt

Alisova who hit ‘drunk’ boy partially admits guilt
Olga Alisova

The woman considers the tragedy "an accident.”

Olga Alisova accused in the case of the road accident in Balashikha said that she partially admits her guilt in six-year-old Alyosha Shimko's death.

“I recognize that in the circumstances my car entailed the death of the person, but I consider that it was an accident,” she told at the hearing at the Zhеleznodorozhny Court of the Moscow region, emphasizing that at the time of the accident she did not speak by phone as the investigation approves.

To recall, road accident in one of the yards of Balashikha happened on April 23. Olga Alisova struck and kill the six-year-old boy. The examination revealed alcohol in the child's blood, repeated examination confirmed results of the first.

Parents of the boy insist that the child was not drunk at the time of the tragedy - the boy's father, Roman Shimko, said that he ordered examination in Germany according to which results there was no alcohol in the blood of the boy.



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