Alleged St. Petersburg terrorist attack organizer admits guilt

Alleged St. Petersburg terrorist attack organizer admits guilt
Abror Azimov Photo: Anton Novoderezhkin / TASS

The alleged organizer of the terrorist act in St. Petersburg, Abror Azimov, admitted his guilt. He was detained on Monday, April 17, in the suburbs of Moscow. The Investigative Committee asked the court to send him to the detention center.⁠

26-year-old Abror Azimov, whom the FSB considers the organizer of the terrorist act in the metro of St. Petersburg, confessed to the charge. This was told by his lawyer Armen Zadoyan before the hearing in Basmanny Court, which was to elect a preventive measure to the detainee. "He pleads guilty", – the defender said without specifying any details.

The FSB reported on the detention of Asimov in Odintsovo district of the Moscow region on Monday, April 17. The video of the detention shows that the native of Uzbekistan was rounded up near the railway. A pistol with ammunition was confiscated from him, and at home an explosive device was found during a search. According to the FSB, Azimov "trained suicide bomber" Akbarzhon Jalilov. The Investigative Committee is still establishing the role of the detainee.

In 2016 Azimov was in Turkey twice, and the second time he returned to Russia through Seoul, Fontanka wrote. In turn, Dzhalilov, according to Turkish newspaper Yeni Akit, was illegally in the territory of Turkey for about a year and was deported from there a few months before the terrorist attack, in December 2016, as he had violated the terms of stay in the country.

On April, 3 Jalilov, according to law enforcement agencies, set off the explosive device on the runway between stations Sennaya Ploshchad and Technological Institute. Victims of the terrorist attack amounted to 15 people, more than 60 were injured. After the terrorist attack all the stations in the St. Petersburg metro were closed and security forces discovered another, more powerful explosive device at station Ploshchad Vosstaniya.

Bombs of this type are more common for Middle Eastern Islamists than for the North Caucasian bandit underground, experts who studied the photo of the device told RBC. After the terrorist attack the Investigative Committee imparted the searches of people who had contacted Jalilov. On April, 6 eight people were detained in St. Petersburg and Moscow, whom the investigation considers his possible accomplices. Firearms, ammunition and an explosive device identical to that found at Ploshchad Vosstaniya were confiscated from the presumable terrorists at home.

On April, 7 the Moscow Basmanny Court arrested two restaurant employees in Odintsovo district of the Moscow region – Sodik Ortikov and Shokhista Karimov. During the trial investigator Andrey Zhigulin did not elaborate on what role they could play in the preparation of the terrorist attack; the materials of the case only stated that Ortikov had had a phone call with the same person as Jalilov.



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