Alleged murderer of blogger Dumkin urged to turn himself in  

Alleged murderer of blogger Dumkin urged to turn himself in
Stanislav Dumkin

The investigators have identified the person implicated in the beating of Stanislav Dumkin: 23-year-old actor Kornei Makarov, who appeared in a few serials and films.

The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation urges the suspect to turn himself in and confess to his involvement in the death of the St. Petersburg blogger Stanislav Dumkin, who had died in the hospital after being beaten in Gorky Park.

The investigators reported that law enforcers had identified the suspect: "he is a resident of the capital born in 1994, and is hiding from prosecution." His name is withheld. According to some reports, the man is hiding from his family or friends.

TASS sources said that the suspect's name was Kornei Makarov. He is the son of Sergei Makarov, an actor who appeared in the television series "Interns". Makarov Jr. also starred in several TV shows ("The Karamazov Brothers", "Fortune", "Two Lives", "Defense Lawyer"). Previously, Life had reported that Kornei Makarov had recently served in the Airborne Forces.


Kornei Makarov

The incident occurred late on 12 August in Moscow’s Gorky Park. According to the investigation, unknown men "using a simple pretext," incited a conflict with the 29-year-old blogger Stanislav Dumkin. According to the press, the drunken assailants disliked the way the young man was dressed: his hat and glasses in particular, which they tore off and trampled under their feet.


Stanislav Dumkin

On August 27, CCTV footage was made public. It shows the young man being beaten to death. One can see two men in the center arguing about something, being in close proximity to each other. Then one of them pushes the other, he strikes two blows on his head, after which the victim falls to the ground.

Video: The murder of Stanislav Dumkin

With the injuries, Dumkin fell into a coma. On August 20, he died in the hospital never regaining consciousness.

We know that Stanislav Dumkin had moved from St. Petersburg to Moscow about a year ago. The blogger was involved in the filming of Fyodor Bondarchuk’s Stalingrad and Ivan Shurkhovetsky’s The Last Fight.

Dumkin's friends have accused law enforcement agencies of inaction writing posts on social networks. The suspect had not been identified until the story became got a public outcry. The ICR in Moscow reported that a criminal case under part 4 of Art. 111 (Intentional Infliction of a Grave Injury, which have involved the death of the victim by negligence) had been initiated.



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