Alleged killer of Burger King general manager used someone else's photo to find fellow travelers 

Alleged killer of Burger King general manager used someone else's photo to find fellow travelers
Missing woman

There was a photo of a Kostroma man who had nothing to do with the incident in the BlaBlaCar account of the alleged criminal.

The man that was Irina Akhmatova’s fellow traveler just before she disappeared used someone else's photo on the BlaBlaCar app, reported. The man suspected of being involved in the disappearance of the director of two Moscow Burger King restaurants said that he used a different account in the service and did not know who and why used his photo.

 “I did not use the app that day and I don’t know who was driving with Irina,” the Kostroma resident stated.

It was Irina Akhmatova’s father who reported her disappearance to the police on the evening of December 27. The woman left Moscow on December 23 and was on the way to Tula where her family lived. She used BlaBlaCar to find a fellow traveler and picked him up at a metro station in the south of Moscow. Last time she contacted her family was in Serpukhov near Moscow. Her phone was switched back on in Yaroslavl the next day.


A criminal case under the article pertaining to murder (Art. 105 of the Criminal Code) was initiated. ICR issued a red notice for the 39-year-old man, previously convicted of fraud and sexual assaults. He was in the car with the missing woman.

The car without a number plate that fitted the description of that of Akhmatova was found in a parking lot at a Yaroslavl supermarket. According to eyewitnesses, the car looks "ready for sale." Akhmatova could have been killed for the car, some say. According to, the car has already been inspected by the investigators.



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