Alleged FSB paymasters of Golunov case turn out to be neighbors 

Alleged FSB paymasters of Golunov case turn out to be neighbors
Novaya Gazeta

Alexey Dorofeev, the Moscow head of the FSB, and his assistant, Marat Medoev, own houses worth about 100 million rubles ($1,5m) on the shore of the Istra reservoir.

Colonel General Alexey Dorofeev, the Moscow head of the FSB, and his assistant, Lieutenant Colonel Marat Medoev, who are believed to have paid for the prosecution of journalist Ivan Golunov, own houses worth about 100 million rubles ($1,5m) in the village of Lesnaya Bukhta on the bank of the Istra reservoir, follows from a joint investigation of telegram channel Baza, Transparency International’s Russia Office and Novaya Gazeta. The wife of Valerian Mazaraki, the brother of the deputy director of Ritual, a Moscow state-financed funeral service, turned out to be a neighbor of the security officers. Earlier, Proekt reported that Golunov’s investigation into Dorofeev and Medoev’s links to the funeral business could have been behind his prosecution.

Dorofeev and Medoev own two adjacent plots with three-story houses of 800 square meters each. A drone recording provided by Novaya Gazeta shows that the officers' properties are enclosed by a common fence along the outer perimeter and are connected by a walkway.

According to the Rosreestr, it was Marat Medoev’s father Igor Medoev, Hero of Russia and veteran of state security bodies, who first bought a Lesnaya Bukhta plot in 2013 from Maxim Yatsenko, one of the founders of the Democracy Development Fund. In 2017, Medoev Sr. registered a house on the plot. According to realtors, the house and the plot are valued at 65–70 million rubles. Igor Medoev worked in the state security, the Moscow Mint and the Federal Tax Service most of his life.

According to the SPARK-Interfax database, in 2004, Igor Medoev became one of the founders of car repair service Alfa Auto Master. He walked out of the business in 2008 and registered as an individual entrepreneur in 2017, also signing a government contract with MADI for the lease of a 1000-meter room on Kazakova Street for 66.5 million rubles. Baza believes that he could have invested the money in the purchase of the Lesnaya Bukhta house.

Alexey Dorofeev bought a plot in the village in 2015 from businessman Valery Vasiliev. The channel notes that Vasiliev has a son named Andrei, whose full namesake is a former officer of the 2nd Department of Administration “K” of the Economic Security Service of the Federal Security Service, who became a defendant in a criminal case together with Colonel Kirill Cherkalin in the end of April. Searches at his house uncovered 12 billion rubles. According to investigators, Andrei Vasiliev and Colonel Dmitry Frolov stole 490 million rubles from businessman Sergey Glyadelkin, having convinced him that he could be brought to criminal responsibility. The FSB officers demanded the businessman give them the title rights to a part of the authorized capital at Yurpromkonsulting unless he wanted to be prosecuted.


Colonel General Alexey Dorofeev, the Moscow head of the FSB

Dorofeev registered the house on his site on the same day that Igor Medoev did, August 8, 2017.

Baza notes that Medoev and Dorofeev had been neighbors before. In August 2009, Dorofeev bought 13 hectares in Dachny Ostrovok, Istrinsky district of the Moscow region. The cadastral value of the plot was 3.8 million rubles. On the same day, Marat Medoev bought an equally-sized neighboring plot. Two months later, again on the same day (October 26, 2009), the officers sold their lots.

Agora’s Dmitry Dinze noted that it is impossible to make enough money for elite real estate in the civil service, “even if you don’t eat or drink”.

In April 2018, Anastasia Mazaraki, 42, acquired a Lesnaya Bukhta house next to Medoev’s. Baza notes that it was Golunov who found that out but did not have time to make his discovery public. The woman’s spouse, Lev Mazaraki used to be a shareholder at the now bankrupt Vestinterbank and a co-owner of Autopride selling companies and Brothers Stroy real estate selling company, according to SPARK-Interfax. In addition, Lev Mazaraki is the brother of Valerian Mazaraki, the deputy director of Ritual, the Moscow state-financed funeral service. Ivan Golunov was looking into the siloviki’s connection with the funeral business.



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