“All these tramps”: official about flood victims in Irkutsk Region

“All these tramps”: official about flood victims in Irkutsk Region
Irina Alashkevich

Examination confirmed that the voice on the audio recording about Putin’s arrival in Tulun belongs to Levchenko’s subordinate.

Irina Alashkevich, the head of the press service of the governor of the Irkutsk Region, called the victims of floods in the region tramps who lived in stables before the disaster and were ready to kiss the ground on which Russian president Vladimir Putin set foot. An unknown person posted the corresponding audio recording on the Web. An independent examination ordered by REN-TV showed that the voice belongs to Alashkevich. 

“The subject of the examination was two digital audio recordings. On one of the recordings, a woman gives an interview to a journalist and answers the question, if it was her voice or not. On the second recording she assesses the actions of government agencies regarding the flood. <...> In all layers of the study, there are absolute indications that the voice on one record and on another record belongs to the same female individual,” Yuri Makeev, the head of the Expert Department of the National Committee for Combating Corruption in the Russian Federation, said.

In addition, the governor of the Irkutsk Region also ordered an examination. Alashkevich refused to comment on the incident prior to the announcement of its results.

Photographer Alexander Shudykin was fired for leaking information from the press service. The regional newspaper Oblastnaya, where Shudykin worked part-time, also stopped working with him. However, the photographer claims that he has nothing to do with the scandal.

Presumably, the official’s monologue was recorded at a work meeting. On it, the head of the press service comments on Putin’s arrival in Tulun to meet with the flood victims. The full transcription of the audio recording was published by Moskovsky Komsomolets:

“During the meeting with Putin, I haven’t had this for a long time – a feeling of filth and disgust. You see, I can’t look at them. Starting from the fact that the leading workers arrived, two aircrafts, one hundred people in each. We had them, the next day they were in Magnitogorsk – that is to appease the Tsar there. He arrived there for half an hour. People, all these tramps, have come – you should have seen how they were dressed! One came on black high heels and white socks. She has this hat... They were dressed like hell, two classes of education. But then he came – I have never seen such a thing in my life: “My God, my dear father, he lost weight, looks like that! Well, of course! He doesn’t spare himself, doesn’t take a break, thank you, oh, thank God that now everything will be solved!” They sit in a warm place (obscene word), with a warm toilet, with a clean bed – something that they didn’t have in their stable. They are all there in ... people. And they go like: “Well, thank God!” He went off – they were ready to kiss the ground. This cattle was standing, and they were all ready to pee themselves from happiness. I started taking pictures. One of them runs up to me: “Give me a photo!” I looked at her like... And the governor said that I should be in Tulun, too. Well, I don’t know. Maybe I’ll go once and see. I don’t see any reason to lug around...”

It is to be recalled that as a result of the natural disaster in the Irkutsk Region, 25 people died, 750 were injured, six went missing. The flood destroyed 3.5 thousand houses, affected 107 settlements, causing damage to 45,000 people. 

On July 19, Putin visited a temporary shelter for the flood victims in Tulun. The local residents and ordinary officials were not notified of the arrival of the head of state. On the same day, six families were promptly issued certificates for new housing and brought to the meeting with Putin.



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