Alfa-Bank wants Yugra ex-owner to pay $45m back sooner

Alfa-Bank wants Yugra ex-owner to pay $45m back sooner

According to the bank, the loan repayment plan proposed by Alexey Khotin shows that before long, the company will not be able to fulfill the terms of the loan agreement.

Alfa-Bank appealed to the Meshchansky and Arbitration courts of Moscow with claims for early repayment of the debt against the former owner of Yugra Bank Alexey Khotin and affiliated companies and guarantors, RBC reported. Alfa-Bank did not say how big the debt was.

The Arbitrazh Court reported on its website that the total claim amount in the bank’s suit to Fazis LLC and Cyprian Firmsystem Enterprise Ltd. affiliated with Khotin, is 2.58 billion rubles ($45m). Besides, the site of the Meshchansky District Court of Moscow featured an Alfa-Bank lawsuit filed against Khotin himself on October 17. The line "category of dispute" indicates "claims for recovery of funds under loan agreement". The total claim amount is unknown.

The bank said it was considering the lawsuits as a "coercive measure". According to the credit institution, the plan proposed by Khotin "would not resolve the issue" and shows that the company will soon be unable to fulfill the terms of the loan agreement.

According to a source of RBC, Alfa-Bank's claims concern Khotin’s development business. According to the Unified State Register of Taxpayers and the SPARK database, four Moscow office and shopping centers owned by persons associated with Alexey Khotin's businesses have been laid with Alfa-Bank. The total area of ​​the facilities is 367.000 square meters and their minimum cost is 19.5 billion rubles. However, Khotin denies owning any real estate objects except for the hotel Moskva (Four Seasons).

The Central Bank revoked the license from Khotin’s bank Yugra in July 2017. The bank had been suspected of asset stripping. The legal entities siphoned off 45 billion rubles ($784m) from the bank (almost all of their funds) in June alone. In response to the decision of the Central Bank, Yugra filed a claim with the Moscow Arbitrazh Court seeking to recognize the regulator’s actions as illegal.



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