Alexander Emelianenko advises Kokorin and Mamaev on how to behave in jail

Alexander Emelianenko advises Kokorin and Mamaev on how to behave in jail
Alexander Emelianenko

In 2016, the Russian mixed martial arts fighter was released from prison on parole.

Russian fighter of mixed martial arts, former ProFC world champion Alexander Emelianenko, who has imprisonment experience, gave some advice to his fellow countryman born in Belgorod region Alexander Kokorin and passing along with him in one criminal case Pavel Mamaev.

According to Sport24, Emelianenko believes that no problems should arise for arrested athletes in jail before December 8.

According to Emelianenko, the soccer players accused of hooliganism need first of all join the team in jail.

“When you get there, you need to understand that everyone is equal - nobody will come for you at the Mercedes to take you to the training. There are such things that one should keep out of – so keep out of it. And so, everyone is equal – the team. And they will explain, and prompt, and help. One never forgets about the other. They will be fine. Don't worry,” said Emelianenko.

Recall that Alexander Emelianenko was released by parole in November 2016 after serving part of the 4.5-year prison term for committing sexual assault and kidnapping the victim's passport. The unused part of the sentence of imprisonment was replaced with correctional labor for a period of 2 years with 10% retention from the monthly salary to the state.

The players of the Krasnodar and Zenit football clubs Pavel Mamaev and Alexander Kokorin were arrested by the court until December 8 for attacking the First Channel driver and two officials in one of the coffee shops in Moscow. They face up to 7 years of imprisonment under Hooliganism committed by a group of persons (part 2 of Art. 213 of the Russian Criminal Code). A period of 2-3 years of imprisonment is intended under the article about beatings (Art. 116), which is also incriminated to football players.



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