Alcohol got in ‘drunken’ boy’s blood after death. Forensic expert charged with negligence

Alcohol got in ‘drunken’ boy’s blood after death. Forensic expert charged with negligence
Forensic expert Mikhail Kleimenov

The Investigative Committee has announced the findings of the comprehensive forensic examination on the high-profile case initiated after a road accident in Balashikha.

The comprehensive forensic examination conducted by 18 experts proved that the forensic medical expert Mikhail Kleimenov had violated the rules of conducting a research.

As stated on the website of the Investigative Committee, the blood sample was taken in a wrong way, which led to “its contamination with alcohol-forming microflora and alcohol fermentation." That is why the conclusion he made about the child’s condition at the time of the accident cannot be considered justified.

Kleimenov was charged under part 1 of Art. 233 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (Negligence).

The Investigative Committee also said that after discovering 2.7 ppm of ethanol in the blood, Kleimenov should have realized that with this alcohol concentration, the child had to be in a state of coma. Therefore, in order to confirm or disprove the results, an additional biochemical research was necessary, which was never done.

The comprehensive forensic examination required by the ICR confirmed that the child was absolutely sober and healthy at the time of the accident. The ethanol found during the chemical study of the blood sample actually appeared posthumously, which is confirmed by the absence of ethyl glucuronide, a marker of a lifetime use of alcohol, in the sample.

The high-profile traffic accident occurred in the Zheleznodorozhny district of Balashikha on April 23, 2017. Olga Alisova, 31, ran over a child in her Hyundai Solaris while driving in the courtyard of an apartment building. She did not stop the car and instead dragged the boy for another 10 meters. According to eyewitnesses, the car was going at a speed of about 50-60 kmh, and the woman was talking on the phone at the time of the accident.

The criminal case had not been initiated until only a month later. The forensic expert said the body of the six-year-old had 2.7 per mille of alcohol, about 200 grams of vodka. This caused a wide public response. In June, the main investigation department of the ICR instituted criminal proceedings under Art. 293 of the Criminal Code (Negligence).

Later, Kleimenov said he had taken the biomaterial and sent it for research to Moscow, and that he signed the conclusion later without reading it.



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