Akhmat FC fined for insulting arbitrator

Akhmat FC fined for insulting arbitrator
Rizvan Edilsultanov

Earlier, a stadium press officer was fired.

The Control and Disciplinary Committee of the Russian Football Union fined Akhmat 150 thousand rubles for insulting head referee Alexei Sukhoi during the match between the Grozny team and Spartak Moscow, TASS reports. Earlier, Akhmat-Arena spokesman Rizvan Edilsultanov was fired for calling the judge an asshole on speakerphone.

“Every year the same thing happens that when Moscow top clubs arrive, the referee always puts our team on the whistle. Yesterday was another evidence of that,” Edilsultanov explained in an interview to Sport Express.

The former spokesman said that he was ashamed and would like to apologize to Sukhoi.

The match was on August 11 and ended with Moscow’s victory 3 to 1. Edilsultanov shouted an insult at the referee after he removed Akhmat’s Ablai Mbeng from the field.

After the end of the game, Akhmat president and the speaker of the Chechen parliament, Magomed Daudov, took Sukhoi by the elbow and led him to the stadium’s under-building. According to Daudov and Sukhoi, the official meant to protect the referee from the angry fans who were already throwing bottles onto the field. The guards escorted the team to the referee room.



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