Akhmad Kadyrov’s Foundation may be linked to Special Forces Training Center

Akhmad Kadyrov’s Foundation may be linked to Special Forces Training Center
The Special Forces Training Center that is being constructed near Gudermes may be associated with Akhmad Kadyrov’s Foundation

The international training center for special forces that is now under construction is linked to Movsadi Aliyev, co-investor of Akhmad Kadyrov’s Foundation, Chechnya’s largest developer.

The premises where the special forces training center is being built may be affiliated with Akhmat Kadyrov’s Foundation, Dozhd reported. Earlier, the Chechen authorities had stressed that the center was funded by investments not related to the state. The project is an international training center for special forces.

According to Republic, the plot of more than 500 hectares is located next to Kadyrov's residence near Gudermes. It is leased by Multifunctional sports and training center "Master", affiliated with Akhmad Kadyrov’s Foundation through Grozny-City. Master’s CEO Movsadi Aliyev is Chechnya’s largest developer, the owner of Grozny-City and co-investor of Akhmad Kadyrov’s charity Foundation. Aliyev owns 40% of Leader Avto (VAZ official dealer in Chechnya), established by Kadyrov Foundation. Aleksey Chudan - Alfa instructor - is Master’s owner, and his subordinates became instructors in the new center.

The owner of the military complex and people engaged in the construction are still unknown. According to Daniil Martynov, assistant to Chechen Head Ramzan Kadyrov, the project is being funded by "businessmen who succeeded in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other regions of the country."

In an interview to RBC, Martynov said that the instructors of the center (veterans of the elite Alfa, Vympel and GRU) had prepared a Chechen police battalion that was sent to Syria in December 2016. He added that all the battalion members had experience working in hot spots.

In 2016, Ramzan Kadyrov said that the center could recruit instructors from the US special forces since the West is quite interested in the project. According to the Chechen Head, there has already been an exchange with Chinese delegations.

The center is to be completed by 2018. There will be a runway, a parachute complex, 14 rifle galleries for practicing shooting skills, an aerodynamic pipe, a training ground for mine practices on the premises. All in all, the site will have about 40 training installations.

The unique experience in the fight against terrorism that the local security officials have is the reason why Chechnya became the place where the center is being constructed, said Kadyrov.



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