Death of Tatiana Rusina: the involved in work of vegetable warehouse No. 4 prepare for crime war

Death of Tatiana Rusina: the involved in work of vegetable warehouse No. 4 prepare for crime war
Brigade leaders of the warehouse: Bakhruz (Borya), Azer Piriyev, and Akhliman Gnadzhiyev Photo: Anna Mayorova/URA.Ru

Squads of police and reinforced Russian Guard (Rosgvardia) entered the territory of the criminalized object in the day of the funeral of the entrepreneur.

The police, who arrived at the vegetable warehouse No. 4 in Yekaterinburg, have have already arrested dozens of people. Now, they are checked for the crimes committed and the legality of their stay in the territory of Russia. The very sudden visit of the security forces is explained by the preventive measures aimed at identifying violations of migration legislation. This was reported to the by the spokesperson of the MIA Main Directorate in the Sverdlovsk Region Valery Gorelykh. At the same time, according to the source of, the armed soldiers arrived at the warehouse in order to prevent bloodshed in connection with the transfer of ownership from the deceased warehouse proprietress Tatiana Rusina to her daughter Elena.

The news of the death of 72-year-old businesswoman Tatiana Rusina came on November 1. At the time, as according to official figures, she passed away on October 29 at the GKB No. 23, where she had been taken the day before with a diagnosis of thromboembolism. Information about the sudden death of the businesswoman was apparently concealed to the last, which can be explained by fear to break the fragile status quo established by Rusina. Especially because the relative peace at the warehouse has already reeled after a series of events: the arrest of the shadow owner of the warehouse Ivan Obukhov, the death of the thief in law Rovshan Dzhaniev (Rovshan Lenkoransky), authoritative for the Azerbaijani diaspora abundantly represented on the warehouse, and the appearance of Avtandil Kobeshavidze (Avto), the protégé of another kingpin – Shakro Molodoy – in the region.

Похороны Татьяны Русиной 02.10.2016

The funeral of Tatiana Rusina 02.10.2016

All these circumstances force the main heiress, Elena Rusina, pay increased attention to her own safety with the help of four bodyguards. However, it is not known whether the entrepreneur has left a will – according to her lawyer Alexey Vays, she died suddenly. The matter is also complicated by the fact that, formally, due to various legal proceedings in which Rusina acted both as a defendant, and as a victim, she was the custodian of her asset. And the appointment of the next custodian is by decision of the investigator or the court. But even the fact of documented ownership of the vegetable warehouse is not critical in the current situation.

Despite the fact that the warehouse No. 4 is bankrupt, there may be more than enough claimants upon it. It is reported that on October 31, more than a hundred fighters of the authority Igor Pyshma, who was previously associated with the OCG Uralmash and Siniye (Blue) – the powerful criminal groups of Ekaterinburg and Sverdlovsk Region in the 90s, entered the warehouse territory. Its former shadow owner, Victor Konteev, will also certainly try to return control over the asset. In the 2000s, between the former Vice-Mayor of Yekaterinburg, the owner and director of the warehouse Konteev and Rusina, a war for trade object broke out. In 2014, Rusina came out victorious by placing her opponent behind the bars for 18 years. According to some sources, an important aid in this was was provided to her by the former employee of the MIA MD in the Urals Federal District Vladimir Gorbunov, who now can also ask for his share. Especially that, in the summer, the issue of the division of business between Rusina, Gorbunov, who is now in a predetention center on charges of fraud and Obukhov was discussed.

The businessmen, who have their warehouses on the territory of the trade object. Recently, Rusina often took loans from them and had no time to pay them back. All these financial disputes may be amplified by a split among the ethnic criminality on which Rusina relied upon receipt of income from the informal traders and suppliers of goods. The leading role there is played by Azer Piriyev, who opposes to some Bakhruz and Akhliman. All they had previously served for Rusina as the so-called brigade leaders.

Наследница овощебазы Елена Русина (в центре)

The heiress of the vegetable warehouse Elena Rusina (in the center)

Criminal gangs are also ready to take advantage of the current uncertainty: Uralmash, once providing protection to Rusina, can start a confrontation with the private security agency Interlock which represents the interests of Konteev. And the warehouse Urozhay (Harvest) which is nearby will only be glad of disappearance of the competitor.

Redistribution of the warehouse’s income was also discussed at the meeting of the authoritative Azerbaijani entrepreneurs, immediately after the arrest of Obukhov (this spring). Those who were present at the birthday party of the authority Agayar Agayev (Sedoy), planned to swear allegiance to him as to the new underboss for the region. Especially that Agayev positioned himself as the candidate from Rovshan Lenkoransky. However, the celebration was spoiled by the riot policemen who suddenly appeared at the party.

Later, part of the Azerbaijani businessmen sided with the thief in law Avtandil Kobeshavidze (Avto) who arrived in the summer, despite the fact that he belongs to a clan of Rovshan Lenkoransky’s opponents.

It is possible that some kind of control over the warehouse will be taken by people close to the power structures. According to, shortly before her death, Rusina could become a person of interest in the criminal case initiated by the MIA Main Investigative Directorate in the Sverdlovsk Region under an economic charge. It is known that the investigation is carried out by the regional central board investigator Sergei Knyazev familiar with the ex-operative Vladimir Gorbunov.  



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