Aeroflot’s Superjet miraculously escapes new accident 

Aeroflot’s Superjet miraculously escapes new accident

The plane took off from Sheremetyevo Airport and landed in Izhevsk with 30 holes in the fuselage.

The Aeroflot Moscow-Izhevsk flight could have ended tragically: a Sheremetyevo Airport employee forgot to detach the 14-meter ground wire from the SSJ-100, which lashed the plane all the flight along the fuselage. 30 holes were counted on it at the destination point, Telegram channel LifeShot reported. 

“A stewardess heard a strong knock, still during take-off, but for some reason did not report to the pilots,” the message says. 

The Telegram channel wrote, citing a source in the transport police, that the landing could have ended with a new plane crash if the cable had hit the released flap. There were 63 passengers onboard. The airport launched a probe into the incident reports. 

It is to be recalled that on May 5, Aeroflot Sukhoy Superjet 100 which was traveling from Moscow to Murmansk, crashed at Sheremetyevo Airport. 41 died.




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